What is the right terminology for budgie elements?

When trying to google about budgie (for Ubuntu 18.04), questions like
“How can I configure this thing that shows on the left?” are unlikely to be successful.

I have been using budgie for almost two years now, and can not name the elements… that is actually a sign that the desktop is very good designed. But still, sometimes I want to lookup things.

Is there a document, where the elements might be visually explained and named?

What is raven?
The launcher?
What is the sidebar, or is that unity?
What is the panel?
What is the dock?
How is the thing called that shows icons of running applications, and will only hide when the window underneath it is active?
Win-S shows WindowShuffler, is that part of budgie?

One entry I found is https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop/issues/763 , from where it shows that

  • Raven is the Sidebar, and that Applets show there.
  • The panel is the bar that can show on either edge, and has the start menu (launcher?), and the status bar (the thing with battery status, network status, shutdown, night mode…)