New to Budgie and working with applets

Hi. I am new to Budgie and this forum. Installed and used Budgie for some time now. I cannot figure out how to work with applets and the side bar. Is there a FAQ on this?


To clarify … do you mean how to install and configure applets … or do you mean how to develop new applets?

I found how to install, but cannot find a menu to configure the applets.

From the menu search for budgie desktop settings. Click on the panel in the left pane. Then click on the applet. If the applet is configurable you will see applet settings to change.

E.g. this Q&A for the desktop clock

Ok, thanks. So all the panel items are configured by adding/removing and changing by the desktop settings. Unfortunately not easy to find via Budgie Applets or Budgie Welcome.

It’s in bold text right at the top of the budgie applets screen.

Is there a better way to highlight this “how to”?

I do not see any bold text there?


I am Dutch and have the Dutch version of Budgie. In Budget Applets there is bold text to go to Raven. but in the Dutch language Budgie version “Raven” is not available in the menu search. Raven is called “Budgie Bureaublad Instellingen” in the menu. So the translation from Raven to Budgie Bureaublad Instellingen is the solution.

I know now :slight_smile:

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Ah. That explains it. Could you please fix this by updating the translation?

@anon90456597 Waitwait something is wrong here: “Budgie Bureaublad Instellingen” in Dutch = Budgie Settings!, not Raven. This is Raven:


Raven is called by pressing the button on the panel - top right:


… and is also in Dutch called Raven:


I will do nothing until somebody clarifies the situation. Budgie settings I understand. And the side bar is called Raven. But “Open Raven-Budgie configuratie-Paneel om applets toe te voegen” is still a mystery for me. There is no way you can get into settings there as far as I can see.

Looking at your image Vlijm, I see that in my Raven the 3 buttons below are missing. Could it be because I am running Budgie on a Asus X-202E? 11" netbook?

Ok - I’m going to change the message to this:

“Logout and login after installing applets. From the menu - choose Budgie Desktop Settings and choose the Panel to add and configure applets.”

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I think there is a difference between Top / Bottom Panel and the side bar called Raven. And you want to refer to the sidebar (Raven) for configuring applets?

Raven is just confusing matters. Opening the Budgie Desktop Settings is the key here and you can achieve that via the main menu.

@anon90456597 right, the directions were indeed a bit confusing. The changes @fossfreedom suggests will make it much clearer. Furthermore, you are missing the three buttons at the bottom of Raven because they are only there if you set “Shower Power Strip” from Budgie Settings. I forgot that they are not there by default on 19.04 (they were on previous versions).

@Vlijm. Thanks! I am working with 19.04.
@fossfreedom. I hope to have added something for improvement. Budgie is a fine desktop environment to work with.

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Sure! Fresh eyes are always very useful :slight_smile: