Apps not respecting panel

I know there’s a bug report for apps not respecting the panel and turning up underneath it. Anyone found a workaround to this yet? Thanks!

To my knowledge, not yet. If someone has, hopefully they will speak up here. :slight_smile:

Depends. For single monitor setups the work around is to ensure the panel is not too small. Usually around 39px to 50px is enough to ensure apps do not disappear under the panel.

For multimonitor the top or bottom (Depends on the panel placement) has to align together in a horizontal manner. Even then issues sometimes occurs if the resolution of the monitors are very different.

Huh, thanks. I’m in the multimonitor camp. I’ll try later to make sure they align, but their resolutions are very different. The problem persists, though, if I close the original laptop monitor and just use the single wide desktop monitor :frowning:. Very annoying, especially as the panel won’t hide appropriately either… Do you know if this is something being worked on upstream?

It isn’t part of the plans for 10.4.1

Basically it needs someone to work on this area who has a variety of multimonitor setups to develop against. Sorry… for myself I only have a laptop so cannot have a go myself

Ok, so this doesn’t work aligning the top for me, but moving the panel to the bottom does work aligning it with the other monitor. The size needs to be 40 or above for me for the panel to behave as it should. Below that, it seems if hiding is set to “never” it’s still OK, but set hiding to automatic or intelligent and it won’t show up moving the cursor to the bottom. Above 40, and that behavior returns.

That really needs to get fixed. Would it really help you guys fix it if you had an extra monitor? I could see what I can scrounge up…