Application Windows going " UNDER " the Bottom panels

I didn’t have the issue for a long time and it just came back

I have a panel at the bottom of the screen

Application windows ( Office, Web browser) are going " under the bottom panel"…

I guess / think some recent updated brough back that problem but just noticed it

With some of those App’s Window, the information hidden by the panel are important

For now I am DOCKING the panel so it hide less


have a fiddle with panel size - see if that makes a difference.

Playing with the size of the panel did’t help
Deleting panel and recreating it with default default, neither.
I will try different things and let you know.
On my 2nd ( left ) scree, PLank is at the bottom too, and Application windows position themselves properly above Plank positionned tat the bottom of the screen,

As you can see on this picture, I can’t click the REPLY button. Screenshot%20from%202018-06-14%2011%3A06%3A40

In Settings - Displays try moving both screens to be bottom aligned (or top aligned) - maybe that could be the issue.

Found the source of the problem !
OMG Shame on me
Misalignment of my 2 creen in " SCREEN DISPLAY" !!
Was impacting the panel on the main screen…


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