How to access the menu when there is an empty panel?

I need a way to access applications. A menu button with organized apps into menu.
How do I add this menu? Also, wierd but when i run gnome-tweaks I do not have any top-panel
even thou I have a couple of things there like notes. How can I access it then?
Also want to use one more panel other than plank (i guess is standard for budgie). Any recommendations
and how to enable it? The first question is like, mandatory before I leave the station.
Thanks for beeing here guys! Hope someone can reply quick.

Wow! this kind of question is like my friend who used to phone me while she was driving down the highway at 120km/h and ask me directions to get to my house. She would call out the exits on the highway after she’d already passed them.

Organized application menu? different than the menu at the top? press the superkey and a menu should show up!

I don’t know why you don’t have a top panel, try rebooting?

Additional panel other than plank? Go to the budgie desktop settings in that menu you just found, and the 6th option on the side says Create new panel - you can put it on any of the three remaining edges (or 4 if you are seriously missing the top panel) and then add your own custom layout.

If you are REALLY missing you r top panel (I know, it DOES happen …?) you can always go back to the menu and choose budge layouts, and pick one of the many defaults offered. Any one will reconfigure your layout and give you your top panel back.

Done! Is your train left yet?

PS, you don’t NEED to keep the plank if it’s not your style, just choose the redmond layout, or traditional budgie layout

What happens if you restart the panel with nohup budgie-panel --replace &? Is your top panel back?

What was that movie with Keanu Reeves and he has to drive that bus as fast as humanly possible OR ELSE?
Bashful, does that reset the top panel? Is the question mark at the end of that string part of the command, or part of the question?

nohup budgie-panel --replace &

Yes! I want to add a menu to applications there, or at plank… Somehow it is gone! I have been downloading custom themes and doing alot of tweaking so things go wrong

It is just that. An empty panel doesnt do much and the “Top panel” in gnome-tweaks are not there. No such tab. So i cannot configure it. No way to access applications.

CTRL + ALT + T to open a terminal

nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace &

This will reset your panel back to its defaults.

BTW, if you had gone to the plank preferences (type in the terminal/tilix) plank --preferences
under widgets, you can add a trash can/applications menu/clock/some sort of activity monitor and a couple of other potentially useful items directly to the plank. I always add the trash can :slight_smile: The applications menu (looks like a desk mug with pencils sticking out of it) is very XFCE feeling