App Panel Missing on Budgie 18.04

I just installed Ubuntu Budgie for the first time. I chose Budgie for my DE for 18.04.

When researching it ahead-of-time, as well as during the installation process, I noticed an “app dock” on the left of the desktop. (It’s the left-most application menu from this screenshot ).

But after installation I noticed it’s missing. I can’t figure out how to add it.

During installation I chose the minimal installation, I don’t know if that affected anything. But if anyone has any suggestions on how to add it, I would appreciate it very much.

Hi there. The dock is part of the full install, not in the minimal install. Basically the minimal is an almost stock budgie desktop. Even the panel is not configured the same way as we had curated in the full install. It is meant to be bare bones.

sudo apt install plank

That command should bring it in for you. But you would have to make hte app auto start in “startup application”.


Thanks. Another user from reddit was able to help me install the sidebar. (It was difficult to figure out the package name.) I was able to get it to start with boot on my own.

But I do have another question while we’re here discussing the minimal install.

I noticed when copying some files from a USB after installation there was no file copy progress screen. I thought maybe it was hidden somehow, but I tried every trick I knew (alt+tab, alt+~, right clicking file manager icon) nothing worked. Would the file copy status screen be dependent on a package that wasn’t installed with the minimal installation?

Also, it seems the minimal installation has caused more effort than removing some of the packages from the full installation would have caused for me personally. Is there a way to “upgrade” to a full installation (i.e. install packages that would have been installed during a standard install) without having to re-install? If not, do you know if there is a list of packages omitted from the minimal installation that I can take a look at somewhere?

Thanks again for your help.

Even though I got off to a bit of a rocky start, I really do love Budgie, you guys have done an amazing job.