Installing the dock on Ubuntu Budgie.

I have Ubuntu Budgie 23.04 installed. This is already an update from 3 previous versions. It is a native installation. On another PC I have Ubuntu Gnome installed. I installed the Budgie Descktop, and it didn’t come with the Dock, which I think is very pretty. How do I have the same dock as the original version of Ubuntu Budgie?

The dock is called “plank” and can be installed from the software centre - or command-line

sudo apt install plank

Once installed just run it from the menu

I think you will like plank also.
I run plank on budgie and like it much better than Gnome.
I don’t care for Gnome as it just has the look and feel of a tablet.

Budgie & Plank on the other hand is very nice and very customizable.