Modify a Gnome theme for Budgie

Hi all,

I am a newbie when it comes to theming and, yet, I don’t have much time to learn and actually change things in a theme. Yet, there’s one specific theme I would like to modify (not create) and for which I would require help.

Althogh I realize this is a rather unusual request, I was wondering if someone would be ok to modify a theme for me, in its free time, against a small amount of money - say 100.- EUR.

If yes, I would communicate to him/her the theme I want to modify, and the changes I would like to do.

Many thanks for any who answer me, and long live to the best of all linux environments.

All the best,


Very unusual request.

What is the theme (weblink) and what changes do you want?

Remember themes depend on the version of GTK so what version of Ubuntu are you referring to?

Thank you for your answer.

The theme is the following :

But it is mostly a matter of icons :

And adapt theme for plank : w w w.opendesktop. o rg / p/1215851/

I am refering to Ubuntu Bionic Beaver (18.04).

Normally the changes are rare, but I do not know the amount of work that can give :s

Let me know if you can do them.

Again, thanks for your answer.

All the best!

That theme already appears to be budgie compatible so you can install it using the instructions in that link.

That iconset can similarly be installed.

You haven’t explained what you want to do with plank … but try the in built plank theming options

Hey Fossfreedom,

I know it is compatible. What I am asking for, is for someone to tweak the themes a bit, for 100.- EUR or so.

Thank you!


What I am trying to find out from you what are the exact changes to advise you better. If the changes can be added to the upstream repository then it will benefit everyone. That is the open-source way :wink:

Hi Foss,

Thanks once again for your kind answer. Ok, I completely agree with you. I will try to list here all the changes I wish to be done to the three themes :slight_smile:

The GTK theme:

  • the progress-bars (you know, the bars for raising and lowering the volume, to see the lecture point of a song, etc.) are too thick. I would like them to slightly slimmer;

  • the check balls (like those in the Raven side-bar) have a blue color that is different from the blue of the theme. I would like to harmonize that;

  • for the panel and the Raven sidebar… Try the “dark” version of the theme in Budgie Desktop Settings: I would like to have, in the white version, that dark version of the panel and of the Raven sidebar. However, the icons and the letters should be white, and the menus of the Panel have a subtle white line around them, that I would like to erase…

  • the dark color of the Raven Sidebare Calendar and Settings is well… too dark. There’s a too big contrast. I would like the Calendar/Settings to be less dark, and maybe erase the subtle marginal lines that make the calendar/settings to standout;

  • for some reason, in the Virtual Box, the Gnome apps windows are not rescaling when I change the resolution. So I cannot tell if some buttons are too big. What I would like though, is to reduce just a bit the distance between the Files sidebar buttons. If possible, and just a bit.

  • all Gnome apps (Maps, Weather, Bijiben, etc.) have this round-corner search bar, different from theme. I would like to have them squared, like the others. The Gnome Dictionary, in the other hand, has the correct search bar style but it is a bit too large…

  • this one, may not be possible to change : the Gnome-Calendar has those blue letters for the months : in the week, monthly or annual view : is it possible to turn them grey, the same grey from the year numbers (2018)?

  • the round windows control buttons : I would like to have them slightly smaller and the “cross” and “minus” inside the red and yellow bar a bit slimmer;

  • Lastly, small problems with the applets: the agenda applet is slightly too big for the calendar it contains… it seems a problem of the Applet and not of the theme, ot sure… the status indicator applet (with the battery status) has this option in the menu, to show the battery percentage : the blue color of this check-option is different from the one of the theme.

Thats all, I believe. In the next post, I will explain the icons I would like to change.

Any reaction to the previous comment? :slight_smile:


all of those (not sure what the “agenda applet” is though) look possible from a CSS styling point of view. I would think someone with some CSS knowledge could spend a one to four weeks solving this stuff (finger in the air estimate)

Actually they do look like valuable feedback that the maintainer of the current theme would like.

Can I ask why you haven’t approached the maintainer of MacOS Sierra with the points above? i.e. raise an issue on his GitHub issue tracker. He may actually want to incorporate some of these issues into the current theme.

I followed your advice. We will see. Thanks!

@Venturub i created a while ago a osx related theme. You could have a look at it and decide whether you want to use it. It s a arc dark modification for Ubuntu Budgie. Just have a look at it.