Materiav2 - my epic theme is my own theme, based on materia. It looks epic on Ubuntu Budgie! Check out the link for more details. I’ll be happy to post a screenshot when I get home, but until then, check out the shots on the site. I also have a video review of 18.04 using the “Dark-fluent” version of my theme: it should be the latest video on my channel,


I’d also like to request that my theme be added to the Budgie Welcome, if possible… How would I apply to get it added? On a side note, why don’t we create a seperate app, the “Budgie Setup Wizard” or something, for playing around with applets and themes instead of including it in Welcome? Most people probably dont check out Welcome much.

I agree. This is why there are two menu options … budgie applets and budgie themes

To ensure a makeover appears in budgie themes the only real condition is that it is debian packaged for all supported ubuntu versions I.e. 18.04 19.04, 19.10 and 20.04

Tweaking budgie themes is very simple once the package name and repo name is known.

I see. Well, I don’t have it debian packaged, but if you could help with that, that would be great. Hopefully it can be added to the Budgie Welcome menu after done, because once that happens, it’ll probably gain more users. Also, on another side note, Window Expose is wayyyyy too slow - should I start a new thread on that?

Yes please … although first ensure you are using 19.10 because it’s a known issue for 18.04.

As to debian packaging, sorry i am snowed under with 20.04 matters and dont have the bandwidth to help. Best look at the existing theme packages in the repositories to see how they are packaged

Well, unfortunately I am on 18.04, because of PPAs not supporting 19.10 sometimes, so that’s bad. Is there a ppa to get the 19.10 budgie-desktop and Window Expose? And how would I look at the repo packages? I thought they were usually in PPAs…

We have a daily ppa to get the latest budgie-extras

So budgie-previews is the package.

There are several theme packages in the universe repo. You need to tick the source checkbox in software-properties-gtk

Then run apt-get source packagename to get the source code. Same principle for ppas

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Alright. Do you know any package names for themes?

Try arc-theme (it’s a package I maintain in both debian and ubuntu)

Nice, I’ll see if I can edit that. Also how can i apply to have a package pushed to the ubuntu repos?

You have to go through the debian mentoring programme … but first start off with creating your own ppa on launchpad … lots of articles around to help … find one that suits your knowledge level.

I got Window Expose to work properly by updating from the PPA, thanks! Also, I installed nemo on 18.04 because I always preferred it - how do I get it to handle desktop icons?

Thank you for the themes , but there is a problem with the text color in the top panel if using the global menu. This is a carry over from the original Materia theme.I’m using light fluent. Screenshot%20from%202019-11-20%2020-24-25

Yes, I noticed this. This also happens with Materia-light, and I was hoping nobody would point this out ;). I have no idea why, but I have just published another variant, materiav2-light-pocillo, which seems to work; IDK why. Any help appreciated. Note this only takes place on light themes.

As a work around I use the built-in theme for the top panel, but that causes a major shadow in the raven panel . I have only dabbled in GTK theme modification , but am willing to take a look. Thanks again for your work.

No problem, I think I figured out the issue. All my light themes, except for light maia and light pocillo, use BLACK text as the “Header Text” variable in Oomox, because the header is light. Light maia and light pocillo, on the other hand, have a dark header with contrasting WHITE text. I believe that the global menu uses that.
I’m a dark theme user, so if you like dark themes, try one of them until i can figure out the issue. Thanks for reporting the bug, I’d also appreciate it if you opened an issue on the GitLab page.

I just setup Gitlab account , but don’t know how add a bug or an issue. When I select issue I see the following.

" Sorry, your filter produced no results"

Strange. go here: and click new issue please. Also please test light-pocillo or light-maia. Be sure to put screenshots lol

I believe you tried searching for an issue, instead of creating one. Please see above post, I can provide screenshots if needed.

Issue posted@ Gitlab.

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