I am back to budgie. Thank you so much community!

Guys, after a few years, I’m back in ubuntu budgie. My most serious journey in the Linux world started here, with you. A few years ago, I was quite noob, but I remember that the devs and people here always helped me, no matter how silly my question was. Years passed, I learned a lot in linux and now I’m at a much better level. After a while experimenting and learning about several districts, I decided to go back to ubuntu budgie to take a look, and honestly, you guys are amazing. The theme, the look, the performance and everything else is super well chosen. The environment is extremely beautiful and fast to work in. The use of RAM is low and everything works super well.

So I installed ubuntu budgie 21.04 on both of my machines, so I can help with whatever I can with its development. I know they’re not builds ready to use, but don’t worry, I’m good these days haha.

I will also make donations to support you and the project.

Thanks for this amazing OS and keep pushing guys, you are awesome!

Now, about the development, if I find a bug, should I report it at github?

Welcome back!

Just report your findings on this thread. If there is a bug to be filed then we will advise Testing 21.04 - are you brave enough?

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I will do so. So far, the only thing that I notice is that the snap “welcome budgie” seem to appear blank in the first boot after installation