Help test & fix 19.04 Ubuntu Budgie

19.04 reached feature freeze last week - which means significant changes have now been completed and Ubuntu + flavours are now concentrating on bug-fixing & polish.

So this is your chance to get involved - help identify issues - even help fix those issues!

Below is a detailed list of areas that have been touched in 19.04 - it is an expanded list from 18.10 so that testers from an 18.04 knowledge base are aware. Everything needs regression testing. Below is an abbreviated version of the 19.04 release notes (TBD)

As always- this is not final stuff - so things can and will go wrong. Be prepared to reinstall if things go up in smoke - you never know. So dont install on your main laptop/desktop if you aren’t prepared for this.

Note; some stuff is labelled TBD - work is still being done in this area - once complete the TBD notice will be striked-out

19.04 Daily Downloads are here. Also need to test upgrades from 18.10 to 19.04

18.10 stuff carried through to 19.04

  • Firefox is the default browser. So out goes a chromium-browser icon on both the icon-task-list and plank dock - in comes Firefox
  • … and for good measure we have added ubuntu budgie welcome as a default program icon to make discovery instant.
  • We have dropped TLP from the default install. The powersavings in the kernel from kernel 4.18 and later are significant for newer computers. TLP is still available to be installed if the kernel powersavings do not impact you due to using an older CPU.
  • The caffeine appindicator has been dropped - this has been replaced with the native caffeine budgie-applet that comes with budgie-desktop v10.5
  • We’ve added a new game 2048 as part of the default install - great way to while-away a few hours

19.04 stuff to look out for

  • New default wallpaper
  • Fonts have changed from “Ubuntu” to “Noto Sans” except for the terminal font since Ubuntu is much easier to read!
  • Ubuntu Budgie Team Wallpapers for 19.04 - the UB team has decided for this release to choose their favorite wallpapers - quite an eclectic bunch. Hope you like them. We will next run a community contest for the 20.04 LTS
  • Budgie Welcome - Translation team has been very busy - many more languages now available
  • Budgie Welcome - Browser Ballot available from getting started now is Snap capable - we offer GNOME Web and Midori as options for web-browsers as well as the Snap versions of Firefox and Chromium-Browser. Chrome, Vivaldi and the repo versions of Firefox and Chromium-Browser are still available.
  • Catfish file and text search is now a default install
  • The community has requested Files (Nautilus) to be switched to Files (Nemo).
  • Nemo can be launched from Plank as well as icon-task-list applet
  • v3.8.6 is the version of Nemo in the repositories. v4.0.6 is available in our backports PPA
  • nemo-dropbox is available in our backports PPA
  • budgie-nemo integration - right click options for changing background, launch budgie-desktop-settings and catfish file & text search
  • Nemo folder-color is unfortunately not available in the repositories so it has been dropped.
  • Latest version of moka-icon-theme is available - Pocillo uses Moka icons
  • TBD bug-fix to sweep up default install icons that are not Moka based - so applications have renamed their icon names so Moka needs to keep up
  • New pomodoro like applet Take-A-Break
  • ShowTime applet has been completely revamped and rewritten - includes the ability to drag around the screen enabled via budgie-desktop-settings
  • TBD budgie-desktop is built upon mutter 3.32 - so big underlying changes need care regression testing
  • Introducing a default theme QogirBudgie - so three of the best themes are now a default in budgie-desktop-settings
  • TBD Lots of new and updated budgie-applets available in budgie-welcome. budgie-cpu-freq-applet, budgie-sys-monitor-applet are new to 19.04, kangaroo, app-launcher, trash applet, recently used, advanced brightness controller, browser-profile-launcher are from 18.10
  • 19.04 minimal installs - gnome-online-accounts work out of the box
  • Keyboard friendly window shuffler. CTRL+ALT+keypad numbers
  • New version of the login screen slick-greeter
  • TBD revamped budgie-themes to be 19.04 friendly
  • Previously hidden, Advanced Network Configuration, LibreOffice Math, Software Sources and Additional Drivers are now available from the menu
  • Daily builds for budgie-extras is now available - so to get the latest (warts and all) ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily
  • Daily builds for DesktopFolder is now available - so to get the latest (warts and all) ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/desktop-icons
  • As the community has requested, Plank dock has now been switched to the bottom of the screen, is transparent and has the bounce animations by default
  • UB logo is proudly displayed in the About screen
  • Pocillo-gtk-theme has been revamped - key visual has been the Green suggestion buttons are now a darkish blue.
  • TBD workspace switching stopped working in 18.10 - previously manual dconf fix is now in 19.04
  • Budgie-Welcome - we have now removed our little used budgie-remix reddit and G+ page icons
  • Budgie ShowTime has been revamped - includes the ability to drag around the screen enabled via budgie-desktop-settings
  • Rhythmbox alternative toolbar - consoldated appmenu - fix for crashes when used with non-english locales

Budgie Desktop is now (TBD) officially at v10.5 so look out for:

  • Raven Sound Output widget enables you to do global as well as per-app volume control and output device changing
  • Raven Sound Input widget enables you to do microphone control and input device changing.
  • Ability to mute / unmute applications and an option to allow raising volume above 100%. Tweaks are available to better work across more GTK themes
  • Raven section in Budgie Desktop Settings. Under this section, you’re able to show and hide individual widgets as well as enable the ability to raise your volume above 100% in Raven.
  • Ability to enable window focus change to being on mouse enter / leave via the “Windows” section of Budgie Desktop Settings, as opposed to click-to-focus.
  • The “Fonts” section of Budgie Desktop Settings introduces a new Text Scaling option
  • Ability to dismiss individual notifications
  • Notification grouping on an application basis
  • Large Notifications are now truncated to prevent huge notification windows being displayed
  • Caffeine powered - new applet that prevents screen dimming and lock screen triggering. This is now the default on the panel
  • You can now middle click on the Bluetooth applet to toggle Bluetooth airplane mode.
  • You can now middle click on the Sound applet to mute and unmute global audio.
  • Workspace Applet revamped.
  • Icon Task List Grouping - displayed icons can optionally group the windows of the same application
  • Substantial new and updated translations for the desktop
  • Ability to set the Notification position (previously was always top right)
  • Launch new instance of an application via middle button on icon-task-list
  • Scrollup on icon button to focus
  • Sundry menu category has been eliminated
  • Center all new windows is now an option in budgie-desktop-settings
  • Power and printer notifications are no longer added to Raven notifications
  • Sound widgets in Raven are removed if there are no devices
  • Fix pinning issues with icon-tasklist-applet
  • Firefox tabs that have audio now shown as “Firefox” rather than “AudioIPCServer” in Raven
  • Slick Greeter now shows user wallpapers by default - can be changed via Menu Login Window
  • DIsable night-light when apps are using full-screen
  • Display week numbers in Raven Calendar
  • Default to not show the Power strip at the bottom of Raven
  • When desktop icons is switched off - extra option available to switch Displays

From 19.04 Ubuntu itself

  • TBD Linux kernel v5
  • GNOME 3.32 applications - all apps need regression testing
  • Latest version of Libreoffice 6.2
  • Live Patch is available directly from the menu
  • … TBD

Known issues

  • Text editor launched from Clock widget / Cannot set GNOME Calendar as the default calendar via Settings - Default applications:
  • Desktop Icons/ Nemo Folders on upgrade to 19.04 from 18.10.
    • Desktop icons will not carry over its position from 18.10 - remember this is very different software. So you will need to rearrange your desktop again.
    • Folder icon sizes are different. You will need to use the zoom capability to see what works for you.
    • The default version of Nemo is 3.8.6. The spacing between icons is much larger than we have been used to with Nautilus. V4 that is available in backports somewhat resolves this issue.
    • on upgrade from 18.10 you will have both nautilus and nemo installed. You can safely remove nautilus via sudo apt purge nautilus

As mentioned here,

  1. I believe that Plank dock is not needed by default, as the work it does is done by Icon Task List of the Budgie Panel. Plank is not Budgie specific, but the Budgie Panel is.
  2. The distributor-logo-ubuntu-budgie icon should be resized to about 60%,
  3. The same for ubuntu-budgie-logo in Plymouth, which is simply too large. The main should be 48x48 pixels, and the logo 16 should be 16x16 and so on. Atm, both of them ar 128x128px. It would be even better, if that logo is the name - Ubuntu Budgie.
  4. The default theme QogirBudgie much better as dark, not so dull as the light one.
  5. Maybe, its better to include Nemo 4.0.6 by default as 19.04 is a transitional release.
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Still waiting :crossed_fingers:


  • On the Budgie panel, Clock > Calendar opens the text editor.
  • Too many settings apps, Budgie settings, Gnome settings and Raven. Is there a possibility to merge all? Notifications pop ups enabled in Gnome settings, so Raven’s is not a necessity. Raven doesn’t show much either, only the calendar and applets, which are not there. Budgie Panel has a Notification icon too. Sound is also in the Budgie panel. Would it be possible to put Budgie Settings into Raven?

I have raised a bug report on the GNOME Calendar tracker MimeType text/calendar is missing from the desktop file (#360) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-calendar · GitLab for the text editor issue.

EDIT: Actually it is an outstanding bug [3.30.1 regression] gnome-calendar not listed as a calendar application in g-c-c (#337) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-calendar · GitLab

No - not for this version of budgie-desktop

The community chose plank as its default

I disagree

I disagree


Impossible to-do due to the version of cinnamon in 19.04

It really does appear that Nemo is overriding the theme here. The theme is correctly changing the iconview element here - but Nemo is ignoring this. This really does look to be a bug - I guess should be reporting on the linuxmint/nemo issue tracker.

Drat . Probably will not getting fixed for release.:frowning:

  1. About distributor-logo-ubuntu-budgie icon, the 60% I meant was about the size of the circle + 3 budgies within the “viewbox,” then it more or less matches the icons in the rest of the Budgie panel. Open the distributor-logo-ubuntu-budgie icon in a text editor to see what I mean.

  2. About Plank, it is the default of Elementary OS, which doesn’t have the ability of Icon Task List or any other ability to place anything on the Wing panel. Elementary OS cannot do without it – no other place to hold minimized apps. Budgie Panel has the ability.

  3. About the ubuntu-budgie-logo icon in Plymouth. It is absolutely large and out of place with the 5 dots below it. True, people don’t keep on looking at how Plymouth is working. They wait only for the computer to boot. After that who cares? Plymouth is an old eye-candy app that has no other use than initial eye-candy. In the case of UB, the distributor-logo-ubuntu-budgie icon had been exported as a png at the same pixels as ubuntu-budgie-logo. Btw, Ubuntu Mate has the same problem.

hello! testing Feb 24th daily, looks great so far! I’m running it from a bootable USB, as there doesn’t seem to be any wifi drivers placed yet. I realize it’s still Alpha, 7 weeks out from launch?
Stuff I saw from a non tech standpoint:

Love the backgrounds. Actions still feel very smooth. It must be an “under-the-hood” difference between Nemo and Nautilus. The icons didn’t react/switch over as anticipated, and my folder icons don’t look as good – as everyone else has stated. The Raven bar works great. Love that Plank is going to continue to be default install … Keep going! I’ll test it out a couple of times a week over the next month, and bare metal install it for proper testing once the wifi drivers are in place.

an aside, my 18.10 just updated the linux kernel this morning, still working great. I switched the plank to the bottom/transparent, to get used to the new 19.04 setup

Feb25th build, a lot of the same from me that other people have reported.
Qogir is great! I like Nemo! How were we living with Catfish before?..but

  • Something’s funky with LibreOffice Writer crapping out (not Budgie, I’m guessing)
  • The time in the centre of the top bar prompts calendar and delivers a notepad.
  • The folders look good but then they turn less awesome as I switch to Qogir
  • I know you’re waiting until later in the process, but broadcom drivers for my wifi would let me install bare metal for a better test. I’ll keep trying the usb installers until then :slight_smile:

I’ll be back end of the week - keep going! Looks great

Yep libreoffice issues fixed with v6.2 which is waiting in the proposed repo - should make into the release pocket soonish

Time - notepad - got a workaround fix for this - will be uploading next week/week after

Folders - ah well - if its a theme issue please raise here

broadcom - I’m a little surprised. The broadcom stuff should (in theory) automatically install when you hit the installer option to install non-free stuff. If it isnt then that is a bug. But I would wait until linux kernel v5 enters the repo probably mid to late March time.

Awesome! I’ll install once the broadcom drivers are in place but continue testing as time allows

I bet you’re right. I didn’t install it, just ran off the USB I created with Etcher. The wifi driver’s probably in the install files, but not on the surface of the try-out.

I presume that Nemo v3.8.6 will be the official release in 19.10 – large desktop icons with 4.0.6 is a pain.

yes 3.8.6 - for 19.04

Can I just clarify - you can use the zoom level for the icon-view and the desktop icons will/should also resize at the same time. Or are you saying when 4.0.6 is installed you cannot change the icon size on the desktop?

Out of the box with backports. Desktop icons are large. Opening nemo and using the zoom changes the icon size in nemo view but does not change desktop icon size.

Also, FWIW, the zoom is not retained when you close nemo or logout/in.

I did go into dconf editor and change the default zoom level to “small” and that fixed it.

hmm - odd. Ok I’ll update the package to override the default desktop icon size so out of the box it should look the same.

I did go into dconf editor and change the default zoom level to “small” and that fixed it.

Are you saying this at 50% is too large?