Introducing Qogiri - Upcoming Default Ubuntu Budgie theme

Hey folks, hope you are having great time using our distro. Summer is mostly the time of vacations, but we used that time to work together with talented themer Vince Liuice to bring you new theme that has been optimized for the budgie desktop and which will likely become the default theme for Ubuntu Budgie in one of the upcoming releases.

Here’s how the theme looks:






You can download the theme from the following link. We are looking forward to your feedback and opinions so that we can implement them and make the theme bug free and reliable on different resolutions.

How to install: Download Archive. Unrar it and after that find the INSTALL script.

Double-click to open that script file, Or open the terminal at current directory.


./Install                     (Install all themes)

./Install -t cir              (Install default circle titlebutton style themes)

./Install -t win              (Install Windows 10 like titlebutton style themes)

./Install_with_background_img (Install themes with nautilus background imge)

Before we confirm this being the future default we do need feedback from the community.

We need to be convinced that it works across standard resolution laptops I.e. 768px vertical as well as the new 4k laptops.

Likewise we need to ensure a wide range of applications work consistently with the same look and feel. This includes

  • current Gtk3 apps,
  • upcoming Gtk4 apps,
  • legacy Gtk2 apps,
  • Electron based apps such as vscode,
  • Chrome,
  • Firefox and
  • QT5 based apps such as kdenlive.

So please help out testing.


What are the requirements for testing ?

I can see the different Qogir folders in .themes but Budgie-Settings can’t.

( no budgie folder inside any Qogir → normal ? )

UBudgie 18.04 here.

I’m actually trying it on default Ubuntu 18.04 :

→ left buttons people might not like

→ Sayonara is Qt ( but version ? ) don’t know if these are expected light colors ?

→ seems as ok as can be ?

→ are these expected light colors ?

→ back button is strange

→ ouch…

Why not using Adapta theme as a « foundation » - it looks close and very complete ?

Default install location (Home/.themes) did not work for me. I had to copy the Qogir folders to /usr/share/themes. Looks Great once it works!!
Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS with 4.15.0-33-generic

quick question for clarification… If you want to install with the Nautilus background and the circular icons… Is there a way to do that? Or is it just one or the other?

Ah, I guess you install all (with the background option).

Just a note: If it doesn’t work via script, try copying it to ~/.local/share/themes or /usr/share/themes.

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Yes indeed ~/.local/share/themes
So here is UBudgie 18.04 :

web-app Chromium

Chromium, LOcalc, Thunderbird

Chromium, LOcalc, Thunderbird with Qogir-dark, begin the problems ( thunderbird )

Firefox, Sayonara ( Qt ) with Qogir

Firefox, Sayonara ( Qt ) with Qogir-dark
back button in FF ? Sayonara ?

Firefox, Synaptic with Qogir-light
Synaptic looks like … Sayonara, not themed ?
Oh and what’s that white bar at right of Budgie-Menu ?

Pixelsaver with Qogir-light ( but same problem with any Qogir shade )
This problem with pixelsaver applet is present with almost any theme ( except where it has been fixed : pocillo, adapta …others ? )
Pixelsaver should have the same background as panel, and not the background of windows theme. I think it means actually no background at all.

I did not post again a picture of Nautilus but for left button lovers, the solus logo at left might be counter intuitive ( is it supposed to have any effect when clicked ? )

Anyway, all over, it looks nice ( but quite close to Adapta )
I know these are the Solus colors but any chance to have this theme + its matching folder icons ( which are ? ) with other accent colors instead of blue ( green mint or mate, orange ubuntu, you get the idea… ) ?

Or - for that specific default / distro theme - an option in budgie settings to modify that accent color ( and folder color accordingly ) ?

Hi, the logo you see on the left isn’t Solus’s logo, but instead of a mountain top which this theme was named by. In any case we will have it removed in next version or try to add additional functionality like dropdown menu on the click.

Also from what I saw, you only have issue with back button with dark theme and Firefox?

O yes mountains sorry ! [ edit : I thought these were boat sails :slight_smile: ]

I have Qogiri running on UbuntuBudgie, and will report while using it… i did not check very far nor very deep for themoment about FF.

But Gimp 2.8.22…

Regarding pixelsaver you may have a look at from Tista ( adapta ) and from @fossfreedom.

But in the future I don’t know if things like pixelsaver and global-menu applets will still work, unfortunately…

I think I did not wait enough for FF and TB :

Are there plans to make a custom plank theme for this one as well? I don’t like the default gtk one.

Also the top left icon for the file manager, what is that? Can it be changed to the budgie icon?
Would be nice if there was a simple way where we can input the colours ourselves as well as I would like to have a material palenight theme for the background colour :slight_smile:

Other than that looks good and I like it, very modern.


Any way to make the top panel not be transparent?

I’ll install this new theme on Monday and report back. On first impression it reminds me of the Opera interface (not a bad thing). BTW, is this new theme a sign of forking from the original Solus/Budgie project? I thought I read some grumbling from the Solus blog…

Looking forward to UBudgie 18.10 in a little over 7 weeks from now :slight_smile: I’ll probably install from scratch rather than upgrade, which makes experimenting with themes and stuff an easier sell.

I am not aware of such grumblings…

This theme is to give UB a consistent professional look from a dedicated theme maintainer. Nothing more than that :slight_smile:

Assuming all issues are resolved and the feedback from the community is positive then such a theme will debut in 19.04.

Awesome - looking forward to installing this theme on Monday AM - thanks David. Jason

theres an option in the panel settings, I forgot about it. :slight_smile:

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Well I’m not the only one to think Adapta with Papirus are consistent :slight_smile:

Any updates on this? will it be released with 18.10?

I have installed the latest version but can’t get square buttons and the image in the background of the file manager.

Suggestion: For the Budgie release change the mountain icon to the Budgie icon?