New Touch-of-Color Theme for Budgie on Gnome Look

I created a new theme for Budgie, Touch of Color, available on Gnome Look here.

It’s an adaptation of the Vimix theme, with just a little more details, and a bit of color.

Maybe someone would like to try it and provide a feedback.


Hello Dear, Can You Please Tell Me How To Install This Theme Step By Step Process… Please

Did you follow the links? Usually when something is released on the author includes install instructions. Sometimes the install instructions are included in a README file withing the archive for the release.

  • Download the file on the page (linked above by the author)
  • Open a terminal
  • Change into the directory where you downloaded it
  • run tar xvf Touch\ of\ Color\ -\ Ruby.tar.xz (or expand using your favorite GUI tool)
  • create a themes folder in your home directory wtih mkdir -p ~/.themes
  • Move the expanded folder into the themes directory with mv Touch\ of\ Color\ -\ Ruby ~/.themes (Or you can use the file manager to do this - Called “Files” in your menu)
  • Open the “Budgie Desktop Settings” application from your application menu
  • Select the “style” section
  • Under “Widgets” select your desired theme (Touch of Color in this case)


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Hi @FireBird9, great you want to try my theme.

A slightly more easy way to install it is using Nautilus to create a /.themes folder (with the dot in front of the “.themes”) in your home directory and extracting the theme into it.

Then choose the theme from the Budgie settings.

I will update the installation instructions on the theme’s website.

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@bashfulrobot @ruwe

Ok Got It Thank You…

@ruwe Hey Buddy Looking Awesome Can You Please Tell Me How To Add Icon And Cursor In Budgie …

Hi @FireBird9, sorry for keeping you waiting. I was working and only fond time for a response this Saturday.

You can add icons but downloading them from here and extracting them into the /home/.icons folder (with the dot in front of it).

(Of course, there are other sources for themes, icons and cursors on the internet, but I found that many of those are old and the themes often not updated.)

If you don’t have the /.icons folder in your home directory, you can create it using Nautilus or Nemo, or any other file manager. But you have to mark the option “Sow hidden files”, to see the folder.

If you want to add a cursor, put it into the same /.icons folder.

Then you can select icons and cursors from Budgie Settings.

I am using Marwaita icons from here and the Mac_OSX_Lion cursor from here.

I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate asking, if anything is unclear.

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Hey Buddy Thank You So Much You Are Awesome…:star_struck: