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Quick Poll - Plank or no Plank


I found 7 site pictures that looked as though Plank had been removed. The rest had Plank either on the left bottom or right side of the picture. To your question, there is a topic titled Show Us Your Budgie Desktop.


Personally, I put plank on bottom of my secondary screen but it seems to me the left hand side vertical dock is the good configuration to use by default for one screen configuration. So, IMO, the left side is a good choice for default placement.


Thanks all,

Surprising poll in many ways.

  • A very tight almost equal preference for plank on the left and the bottom.
  • An overwhelming vote for plank as a default
  • A smallish minority of users love the icon-task-list

So for 19.04 we’ll go with plank now at the bottom - transparent … and I’m interested if you think “window-dodge” should be the new default.

Thoughts on UB for 19.04

“window-dodge” should be the new default?

Dodge is always the first thing I switch off. Reason: first move the mouse to the side to make Plank appear, then, once it appears, you can decide where to move the mouse. That’s two actions where you want to dash.


I always use intellihide. Glad to see Plank staying, good choice.


…as long as Plank can be easily disabled, and beneficially replaced by a budgie panel with icon-tasks-list, trash, usb-drive, workspaces…

Choice matters.


Which is the app you use to stick that note or picture on your desktop?


That is our 19.04 active desktop solution we are testing https://discourse.ubuntubudgie.org/t/help-test-the-active-desktop-for-19-04


Thank you!!


Plank, definitely a Yes. It find very easy to configure, handy and useful for my favorite apps. In the beginning, I put everything in the top panel. Now I have a clean to panel and all the apps in the bottom plank bar.


I’m new to Ubuntu Budgie. I typically remove plank as a first action and add the icon task list.


I must admit I very much like Plank. I don’t see why it should be omitted.


Add some screenshots to your github!


I also don’t use plank. I prefer Icon Task List instead with the panel in the bottom. Tried Plank in vertical mode but it was distracting when i needed to click on the sides. Using plank in bottom with top panel it feels like using Gnome Desktop.


I think for someone new it is better to start with plank, which gives comfort and support to a newbie. I decided after awhile to switch then to putting the “icon task list” applet into the top panel left, like Solus Budgie has it, and since I don’t like desktop clutter, it works just fine for me now up there. Took me awhile to figure out how to do that, but it works just fine for me when I was ready to make the switch. Have adopted U-Budgie for my desktop system. Thanks for your hard work.


Well after all maybe we could imagine some kinds of presets in Budgie Settings, I think Mate does something like this :

  • the default one with plank,
  • a « classic paradigm » one with no plank but only one bottom panel with task lists and some icons on desktop,
  • a kind of « unity paradigm » with no plank but two panels, top one with at least pixel-saver and global menu, and left one with at least icon-tasks list,
  • another full-bloated one to show-off ?