Multiple desktop layouts - help needed

For 20.04 LTS we are looking to support multiple desktop layouts - so we need your help.

If you like to customise your panel(s) and desktop this is your chance to get involved!

The only real ability you need here is an eye for detail … and to take a few screenshots. No really - its that simple!

Suggested layouts:

  1. “windows 7/10”
  2. “Mac OS” aka Cupertino Multiple desktop layouts - help needed
  3. “Mate”
  4. “Unity 7”
    … and anything else


The following instructions will install the test layouts functionality - the GUI will come later. Its best to use a spare VM - and out 19.10 PPA has the necessary fixes for the “Unity 7” layout.

If you are using 19.10 - sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/eoan-test && sudo apt upgrade --> use this to grab the Unity 7 fixes

For 18.04/19.04/19.10/20.04 - sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily && sudo apt dist-upgrade


run in a terminal:

python3 /usr/lib/budgie-extras-daemon/ layoutname

EDIT: In 20.04 the above is not needed anymore Multiple desktop layouts - help needed

The following layoutname can so far be used:

  1. traditional
  2. cupertino
  3. theone
  4. ubuntubudgie
  5. redmond

Let me know your thoughts


  1. Please use 19.10 or 20.04 - suggest use a new user account so that you can use the default clean setup rather than your current customised version.
  2. you can only propose to use applets found either in the ubuntu repositories or our budgie-extras-daily PPA - DO NOT use backport PPA applets.
  3. You can use our new applications-menu if it fits your proposed layout
  4. if you want to use a workspace applet then default the number of workspaces to two … and please use only our new visualspace applet (budgie-visualspace-applet) found in the daily PPA (ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily)
  5. Use Pocillo theme + Pocillo icons + default wallpaper i.e. the default look and feel
  6. You should not have anything on the desktop - remove showtime applet and weather applets etc. Remember the picture will be used in budgie-welcome - so it needs to be clean and good quality.
  7. Come up with a name for your layout that isnt trademarked i.e. we can’t call the layout “mac os” … or “windows” - obviously it needs to be meaningfully associated
  8. Take a full desktop screenshot and paste here in a post (one post per layout) - make sure the menu applet is open when you take the screenshot
  9. Take a screenshot of budgie-desktop-settings - panels - obviously we need to understand how you created the layout i.e. what applets, in what position etc If you use spacers and other tweaks and tucks we need to understand what values you changed.

So you don’t need to code, just customize your desktop to fit those criteria?

There will be coding. But for the moment just need the pictures and layouts.

Once we have consensus on the layouts then will have to turn that into formatted files like /usr/share/budgie-desktop/panel.ini. extra tweaks will need coding

Got it. How’s this for a MacOS layout?

Hmm. For the name, I’m not sure. Cupertino is what Ubuntu mate uses.

A description:

  • Applets used:
  • Panel size 35, Always transparent.
  • Plank set to intellihide (although macOS doesn’t use intellihide, you might want to disable this)
  • Plank size set to 52

Looking at stuff on the web the clock and some of the applet positions and actual applets are not the same e.g. dont think caffeine is there on the desktop?

True, true. I’ll try again :stuck_out_tongue:
Also that page is in Italian?
honestly I could do way better if I used external themes that resembled macOS, but that’s illegal iirc

This should be closer:

Panel layout:

Screenshot of just the panel:

BTW, can I use Qogir for the Windows layout?

Thx. Yeah. Arc, Qogir or Pocillo can be used whichever is best.

That’s great! I think arc might fit the macOS theme better, I’ll try later :stuck_out_tongue:
For the macOS layout, can buttons be moved to the left?

Yes. Should be possible to poke that setting.

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Hey so pocillo does fit better then arc

Windows layout:

Panel layout:

@fossfreedom Is it good enough, or does anything need to be changed?
(LibreOffice uses the Tabbed layout)

Also what about dark themes?

The theme is not really the issue here - the capability is really to adjust the layout to ease the users preferred workflow. So theme will be set separately.

Pictures will be better with a clean desktop (probably).

As to the windows layout I’ll leave this to your research to see if its accurate. From memory think the new appmenu isnt a close representation?

The list layout resembles Windows 7’s, but it’s better then the standard Budgie Menu anyways as of now. I’ll take clean pictures, later

Codic, your final mac layout looks accurate. Too bad we can’t include some of the extra themes out there to build the traffic light windows :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve done way better clones with GTK themes

I may be out of sight since its UbuntuBudgie 18.04 here but my ( kind of ) Unity layout :