Proposal for a new menu applet for the desktop

I’ve been looking over the last couple of days at the work the elementary os crew have been doing with their application-menu

I’ve reworked this to make it work for budgie-desktop users.

What are your thoughts on this optional extra applet?

You can try it on 18.04/19.04/19.10 & 20.04

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily
sudo apt install budgie-applications-menu-applet

Logout and login and add to the panel “appmenu”

Once you have finished testing remove the applet first then:

sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily

That looks nice!

The mouse wheel scrolls between the pages well. But it would likely need the arrows to work as well. (scrolling between the pages)

Well why not… ( any related to More featured menu ? )

But having different « app-menu » has no interest if it’s only esthetic and does not add features.

Who needs another app-menu and to some extend who ever needs an app-menu ? When you discover your new DE, yes, but once you get used to it, you “pin” your favorites ( in dock or panel or wherever you like ) or know their names to launch them ( by the many ways to launch an app ).

Actual Budgie App-menu is not bad but could be better, with :

⋅ a full browsing experience with arrows and tab keys ( today it’s not, you can’t « go » into categories nor switch from category to app list columns )
⋅ a recent category with a list of the recently used app’s,
⋅ besides the recent app’s used, also add categories for recent files AND places,
⋅ for the sake of discoverability, a list of recently installed app’s that would disappear once such app’s would have been launched at least once or twice,
⋅ and some choice in settings regarding all these, like size of the window, number of items listed, which category you want to appear or not, the default view…
( edit, as mentioned below ⋅ right click on icon for their actions list, if any )

Yes it’s a mix of dashboard + recent-frequent activities + menu-app, all in one place at one click reach, a mix between unity’s dash and xfce’s whisker menu.

Wish I knew how to do that, or at least « draw » some mockups.

Found the pageup / page down moves between pages as well.

Looks great! Loving it…

Dustin also found that if an app has right click options you see this:

So - app actions are available (shown in the video) such as composing messages.

Calculator as well.

Might link up software application search as well.

The emphasis as I understand by the upstream project is towards application control.

Any chance of making the menu resizable, thanks!
Software app search is nice, so would file search.
And the applet does not have all settings original Budgie menu has, BTW

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Indeed ! The action list from a launcher is something I forgot to mention here, but was already suggested regarding Budgie appMenu…

I think a resizable menu would go a long way. Mostly aesthetic, but some people really dig that type of stuff.


Indeed true!
It would also allow users with bigger screens like me to use up more of the space for a menu.

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Upstream have a pull request open to convert the main view to a “flow box” - I think possibly that will then open the door to making the menu size configurable - but until then - not possible without lots of calculations and code changes

Upstream meaning Elementary upstream?
Can the changes from the PR not be merged into your fork, if working? Just curious…

Cool applet … I like the possibility to switch between views.

Have you seen the UOS / Deepin 20 launcher ? You can grab the corner of the launcher with the mouse and change the size. You can also push the corner until it becomes full-screen and turns into a slingshot-like launcher. Really cool… I have tried the beta ISO available here.

Would that be an idea to enhance the functionality?

Actually I got the inspiration from XFCE’s launcher, which had something like that for years! Good that Deepin is catching up ;p

In theory it’s possible. But… To make things maintainable in the long-term, you would likely want a follow-up stream rather than getting into a complicated set of merges.

What’s cool and new about the Deepin launcher is that you can make it a full-screen launcher like the Gnome launcher or the Slingshot launcher … :slight_smile: . I bet XFCE doesn’t have that :slight_smile:

Yes very true. I guess I’ll wait for the PR to be merged, if it ever is, unless someone else comes up with a solution.

One idea is instead of resizable, use the Budgie Desktop Settings to be able to change the dimensions.

@ruwe Actually, it does!!! But it doesn’t have that slick blur, just transparency. Budgie 11 and XFCE will get that in the future when pushed to GTK4, though. It’s said to support blur

Thank you for doing this, I am sure it was a lot of work on your part for it to be even possible.
I will be testing this out in the near future because I think this is exactly what UB needs right now. This gives the budgie desktop that modern feel that it has everywhere else with the exception of the menu.

+1 on the possibility of resizing it. Hopefully that happens upstream

Thanks again, I’ll get back to you on the testing

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Keep up the good work @fossfreedom. I think that if possible, smaller size would be okay to have.

@codic , thanks for clarifying … I surely underestimated XFCE.

Regarding the applet, I believe a modern and sleek launcher is only one or two things I am missing in Budgie. It is a great distro and the Budgie team does a phenomenal job.

I used to be a distro hopper, but since my first installation of Budgie, I am a big fan.

I have the applet installed and keep testing it.