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App Launcher - what do you think?


A request was made where some people wanted an app-launcher via the panel - without the icon-task list capability.

So new team member Serdar has pulled together this in double quick time.

Anyone want to try this and give some feedback?

Instructions in the README on how to install: https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/experimental/tree/master/budgie-app-launcher


My Desktop just got a whole lot cleaner, by replacing all the App icons with this.

Loving the fact that you can order them to your liking.

Wish I had some coding skills and the creativity to create something like this, well done.


Great work! A very appealing applet…


Coudn’t find it on GitHub … does this still exist?


You can now simply install this through the welcome application. The applet had just been packaged up and added to the welcome application.