Recently Used Program Menu Item

I don’t know if there is a way to do this but I think it would be cool. Is there a way to add a “Recently Used Programs” item to the menu?

Not to the menu - but if you open Menu - Budgie Applets there is a recently used applet.

This only applies to recently used files, @fossfreedom.

I’m glad am not the only one wishing for a bit of improvement into Budgie Menu :wink:

⋅ recently used programs,
⋅ recently used files,
⋅ arrow keyboard browsable through categories

ah - yeah - misread that.

Think those ideas are good. Lets see if we can find sometime in the next dev cycle. No promises though!

And I’d add :
⋅ right click on app’s in Budgie Menu does not provide « actions list » ( open a private window from web-browser, write a message or open contacts from mail-client, aso )

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That’s actually a good one. It will probably come with latest iteration of Budgie Desktop though.

Well a full browsing with keyboard is a good one too :wink:

And I still miss a place for recent activities : app’s + files + places, all in one place at one click reach, displayed in a click-able / browse-able grid…
Or in the same form-factor as Budgie menu, then categories would be [ all | app’s | files | places ]
Simple left click on an item to open it, right click for options like open item with / remove item from recent history / show item in its folder
With abilities to set :
⋅ the default view on a chosen category
⋅ the number of items by category
⋅ the « depth » of « recentness » in hours, days, weeks or months
⋅ a way to purge the whole « history »

well, this could be an applet in itself…