AppMenu not showing all programs

Appmenu has stopped displaying several program icons in both grid and category view.They show when searched for and still show in Budgie Menu.

Have you got a folders called .config/menus/applications-merged ? renaming/deleting that should do the trick

That folder was present, and has been deleted with no change in behavior.

So what has changed before you noticed icons going missing?

What apps are no longer showing their icons?

Have you been playing with hiding icons via a menu-edtor such as menu-libre?

Have a look in ~/.local/share/applications - are any of those .desktop fles corresponding to those apps that have disappeared?

Can’t think of anything that has changed other than regular updates.
Missing: About, Background, Bleachbit, Bleachbit (as root), Bluetooth, characters, cmatrix, colors, date & time, displays, gsmart control, keyboard, log out, mouse & touchpad, network, notifications, nVidia X-server settings, online accounts, power, previews control, printers, privacy, psensors, region & language, restart, search, settings, sharing, shut down, sound, suspend, texinfo, thunderbolt, universal access, users, VVV.
No, haven’t even looked at the appmenu in a while and have never edited it, keep my icons in plank normally.
Only files in ~/.local/share/applications are for ibus settings and celluoid player.

You mentioned this issue previously Testing 20.04 - only for the most adventurous

That issue was with Budgie Menu, not AppMenu, and was fixed with an update.
This issue seems to only affect AppMenu.

Well you will need to find a way to reproduce the issue so that it can be fixed. I cannot reproduce your issue.

Mike - have you got the daily extras PPA installed?

If you have that will explain your observations.

  1. All gnome-control-center (aka Settings) icons are by design hidden in the grid view. Those icons are just cluttering up the display
  2. Other missing icons - this is a bug introduced by elementary upstream. I’ve fixed this in todays daily build. You’ll get this overnight in your regular updates once everything is sync’d and built.

All better, thank you.