How do you add/edit menu items

Trying to add an appimage to the menu. when i first ran it it added the app to the menu (i think) but i moved it and now the menu link to the app is broken

If the problem is a missing icon for the application, it may be linked the icon theme you are using. Choosing a different icon theme in the Budgie Preferences might solve this.

You can also run the Menu Editor from the installed applications and choose a different icon for an application.

dont need to change the icons.
just wanted to know how to add my own shortcuts to the menu

Create a .desktop. You will have some in /usr/share/applications (and in ~/.local/share/applications` .). Place yours in ~/.local/share/applications/ to make it local and you will see an icon in the panel when you have “icon task list” active.

I created an empty .desktop file. what should I put in it and where can I find documentation for it?

Yeah I would like to be able to add/edit too.

There is one that I would like to place under Science as that is what it is used for.

And I would like to be able to move Disks out of Preferences to Utilities or Administration or System Tools.

Nothing major.

those directories dont exist for me, and this is a fresh install btw

See the examples in /usr/share/applications/.

That you can also do that by typing menu editor in the applications panel. See the 3 tabs.

Yeah I tried that and saw that preferences wasn’t in the list to be able to select to find Disks to move it to suit myself not remembering where it was.

I just went back to look to see if it was just something that didn’t show the first time I opened it. Nope, same thing. But there are also errors listed at the top. I don’t know if I missed that the first time or what.

Those aren’t anything to worry about

Thank you.

Is there any reason that for example “disks” isn’t in the menu editor for me to be able to move it to another place where I would remember it better?

It is not a big deal. I could probably add it to plank and never look for it again. I just hadn’t to avoid any accidental clicks as I am still getting used to the environment at this point.

No idea. Its visible to me. Have a look at .local/share/applications to see if you have done something to either Disks or the group container it was in.