Menu editor problems

Reported elsewhere, but the buttons sometimes work othertimes not, and other things not giving robust impression.
I know there was a discussion about menus before but am wondering if Menu Libre has a similar contender, but with drag and drop functionality eg Accessories open, you can drag and drop desired application, as well as edit abilities?
I think Linux Mint has something along those lines?

Well don’t take my words as a definitive piece of advice but sometimes the most robust way to deal with how are organised launchers in the menu is to edit your personal copies of such launchers.

Find the launchers you need to modify in /usr/share/applications
copy them into ~/.local/share/applications
and modify those ones ( change names, categories and so on ).

At the end, if something goes wrong, it only sits in your ~/.local/share/applications folder.

Yes, fair comment but Im coming from the point of new users need to have a system that keeps them at arms length from file management and editing, which a robust menu system should be able to provide.

Please file bug reports with the app. Yes robust menu management is needed … filing bug reports is the best way to achieve this.

Im coming from the point of new users and it’s fair.

…but why a new user would want or need to change the app-menu in Budgie ? Categories are already there. Both applet for app-menu offer fast keyboard search and launch. I think it’s more an advanced user purpose. But of course yes, if some app’s pretend to help do that, they have to do it the best possible way.

And - my opinion here - I finally wonder what is the purpose of an app-menu. Once you know what’s installed on your computer, once you know which app’s you prefer, when and why and how do you make use of an app-menu ?

No app-menu highlight the newly installed ones. Most app-menu don’t show recent or frequent app’s. Most don’t dynamically reflect user’s habits. Which - in my opinion again - would be more useful than a static list of installed app’s.

I follow you here.

I didn’t use Unity dash, nor do I use Gnome app grid, and yet have I to use the budgie app menu applet.
I checked the latter when I installed it, but since then it’s just there because I got the Unity logo (launcher_bfb) for it and it looks good.
The Unity launcher, Dash-to-Dock and budgie icon task list (or plank if you need a less powerful dock) do anything faster for most frequent apps, and Synapse, gnome run command (alt+f2) or ulauncher for less frequent ones. And otherwise start the file with application X in the nemo context menu works also well.

These app grids/menus are good enough for newcomers, and once they get used to the apps names they use often and add/pin them to their launchers or docks, the need for it becomes somewhat limited.