AppMenu - unable to edit category or hide apps

Hi there !

I’ve now spent many time trying to configure the list displayed by AppMenu (same with Budgie Menu).
I though that MenuLibre was allowing me to sort and hide the apps the way I want, but I only can add some items.
For example, the wine applications are just dumped in the “others” category, when I would like to sort them more precisely.
I crawled the web seeking for answers for quite a long time know, maybe you guys have something like that ?


Ok, feelin’ a bit alone here.

Let’s be more specific.
MenuLibre seems to work like a GUI to edit properly the files in /desktop-directories, which it does indeed : when I create for instance a new launcher, MenuLibre writes a .desktop file in my local/share/applications folder.
But when I try to move or to delete an entry, nothing changes in the list and sorting displayed by AppMenu or BudgieMenu.
In a word this is a simple question : what is the file used by AppMenu and BudgieMenu ?
I would be surprised that nobody knows it :wink:

The menu categories are hard-coded

applications-menu/src/Backend/AppSystem.vala at dd6bd19e7f1f3c59543cbc408c2b873f8e645061 · UbuntuBudgie/applications-menu · GitHub

This is to ensure a more logical application category list.

Hiding apps in existing categories is possible - as you said they are written to .local/share/applications with the keypair “NoDisplay=true” added

Problem solved. Hurray !

So to summarize, I edited applications .desktop files located both in home/[user]/.local/applications folder & /usr/share/applications folder.

did the job to hide useless applications

Categories=[pick one category]
allowed to move application from one category menu to other

The category list is available trough fossfreedom’s previous link !

Thanks to him for all !!