Budgie Base Menu vs. Menu Editor

Hello all. New Budgie user here. When I click the “soccer ball” icon, and I select view by category, I see a drop down of various categories and if I select a category I see a list of programs in that category. But if I select the application Menu Editor the list that comes up in that application has additional categories and a more complete list in each category - and does not match with the above category list. I would like to use the one from Menu Editor instead of the one coming up under the “soccer ball”. How do I accomplish that?

The category list is hard-coded. We found that various apps introduced too many categories - often similar but making it very difficult to find stuff via categories.

The current list gives a consistent smaller range of categories to look through.

The menu editor is primarily there to hide/show items

So that means if I am using my Pi to control a ham radio station and I am adding a bunch of ham radio apps I cannot have a Ham Radio category to put them all in?