20.04 Budgie Menu vs App Menu

I did an upgrade from 19.10 and noticed that the older Budgie Menu was being used in the top panel.
So, I installed the App Menu applet and now have two questions; The All option is not available in the left panel, and second, the spacing on the right panel is larger than the Budgie Menu.

The All option is superfluous - that is what the grid view is for.

The size of the menu is controllable via budgie-desktop-settings.

@makitso Hello Dear,

Btw I Like Clean Installation Not Upgrade It Gives Me Different Kind Of Statisfation… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Is there a way to select category on mouse hover ?

The size settings come from the grid view.
So that might not fit the list view ( often too large ).
List-view may have its own size-settings.

I have implemented the hover select early this week. This and other stuff are available to test on our daily budgie-extras ppa and will be part of 20.10. Do touch base with the 20.10 testing topic to be aware of progress.