Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 ((Menu)) different on Desk Top and Notebook?

For some reason I have less categories on my Notebook (8) than on my Desk-top PC (15) ? Same Ubuntu, same update? Alle & Preferences is missing on my Notebook for example… Some of this is Subject connected… I would assume. I can live with it… I’m just curious.

Are you using the same menu for both? There are two similar options for the menu, AppMenu and Budgie Menu. Ubuntu Budgie uses AppMenu by default but it looks as if the desktop is using Budgie Menu and the laptop is using AppMenu.


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On my PC: According to (Budgie Extras) AppMenu is installed… According to (Budgie Desktop Einstellungen) Budgie Menu is installed? lol Einstellung = Settings

I was able to figure it out and correct the problem… didn’t realize there are so many different Menus until now. Thanks for the Tip. :+1: Actually, I think this happened last Summer. My Task-Bar disappeared (emptied out) and I had to reconstruct it. AppMenu rocks… why would anyone even use the Budgie Menu?

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For the icons grid.
This one’s not available in AppMenu which is only a list.