Change filemanager to Nemo

I actually do not dislike nautilus as a file manager but this latest changes from ubuntu made it less usefull, and I think nemo (I believe is a cinamon fork of nautilus) is a very good replacement, compatible and with all the necessary features to be a good filemanager.


Not sure I would support

Those cinnamon dependencies look unnecessary - but we would be unable to remove ourselves.

The following NEW packages will be installed cinnamon-desktop-data cinnamon-l10n gist hddtemp hwdata inxi libcinnamon-desktop4 libnemo-extension1 libxapp1 lm-sensors mesa-utils nemo nemo-data nemo-fileroller xapps-common

Nemo ws my sugestion based on my familiarity and that is a fork from nautilus. There is another filemanager that we could look at?

I really believe that the direction of Nautilus is taking is for basic usage, not taylored for more advanced users.

An interesting one would be Polo - but it seems to be forever in beta - lots of outstanding issues and development appears to have stalled.

Also it is not yet packaged for either Debian or Ubuntu in their repositories.

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I open the github page and they have packaged for ubuntu in a .deb file or ina PPA,

I will take a look on it their latest version is from August

Blockquote - but we would be unable to remove ourselves

Webupd8 had a version of Nemo with the cinnamon dependencies removed.

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There are more methods of setting up Nemo without the cinnamon stuff than just Webupd8 version. I would love to see this happen and would be willing to do what I could to help. Admittedly I have been out of the distro making game for a while :slight_smile: (Debian 7 was when I let go of the debs I was maintaining). That said I would recommend devs just installing and using Nemo for a while, some things are just better.

While I am at it, hat tip and thanks for a superb distro. You really have done a great job with this.


found this article on how to setup nemo as default file manager in ubuntu. i am testing this lets see if give me any problems.

Polo is a good one, but maybe too heavy for beginners. A lot of options within.

Budgie works quite nicely with Nemo. Some solutions can be found here.


You can change the background by right clicking on the desktop, place icons on the desktop etc.

Currently looking at Nemo

The following settings I think need to be set by default.

org.nemo.window-state side-pane-view ‘places’
org.nemo.icon-view default-use-tighter-layout true
org.cinnamon.desktop.default-applications.terminal exec ‘tilix’
org.nemo.preferences click-double-parent-folder true
org.nemo.preferences tooltips-in-icon-view true
org.nemo.preferences tooltips-in-list-view true
org.nemo.preferences tooltips-on-desktop true
org.nemo.preferences thumbnail-limit 5242880
org.nemo.preferences show-new-folder-icon-toolbar true
org.nemo.desktop font ‘Ubuntu 10’ ???

org.nemo.window-state start-with-menu-bar false <— this though means people will need to understand they need to hit alt or rightclick the toolbar to make the menu visible
org.nemo.preferences show-full-path-titles true

I am concerned that dropbox integration does not appear to be available … EDIT need to have a look here

For some reason under 19.04 I cannot get nemo-desktop to run. That needs investigation work.
To get nemo-desktop to run: org.nemo.desktop ignored-desktop-handlers needs “Showtime” added to the list
By default the desktop is sorted automatically. Really it should be a user decision:

org.nemo.desktop use-desktop-grid false

Thoughts on the above?

Simply to ask, what would be the first motivation for changing from Nautilus to Nemo?

As of Nemo, I use Nautilus and tend to prefer it as Nemo’s UI seems broken, to say the least: folders are sometimes organised in grids but with icons displayed too small, leaving enormous blanks between icons, or having decent spacing but all icons justified to the left (and thus no grid).

Both of those lead to weird visuals.

This is the default icon-view with the changes I described above.



In essence nautilus 3.30/3.32 will come with tracker and all the memory overhead and disk scanning issues people have referred to in the past. Whether it is better or not in 3.32 I don’t know.

A side effect of using nemo is that we can either use nemo-desktop to display desktop-icons or DesktopFolder which we are also considering.

WIth Nautilus our choice is limited to DesktopFolder - so at this early stage we would be throwing all our eggs into that proverbial basket. Remember we lose desktop icon support at 19.04 with the new Nautilus so we need an alternative solution like DesktopFolder - installing two file managers (nautilus + nemo) to get nemo-desktop is a bad idea

Nemo comes with dual pane support and other features like type-ahead search which Nautilus doesn’t. Nautilus on the other-hand is styled like all other GNOME apps - so commonality for the desktop is there.

My two cents. I have had my ups and downs with Nautilus for sure. When I ran it on Debian Unstable/Sid, it was a mess. Crashed constantly, but then again, I can’t complain. I was using the unstable branch. When I used it on Debian Testing, things improved. Now I use Manjaro Budgie Stable using Nautilus 3.26…no issues thus far, and I can’t remember the last time it crashed.

It is constantly being worked on and improved. I would rather use a file manager that is supported by the gnome system natively.

Certainly good points there.

Just to point out though v3 26 isn’t supported by GNOME anymore. That is up to your distro. V3.32 will be the next version and this will not come with desktop icons. V3.26 is the last one that does and hence why it has been created as a so called legacy version.

That isn’t something UB can ourselves do … especially as we don’t want to support it just by ourselves. So it is a question of getting support from GNOME then Canonical … or by Linux Mint for Nemo.

Oh, now I understand the issue. So to clarify, there is no workaround for desktop icons past v3.26?

The reason I ask is I thought I was using (if memory serves me correctly) a V3.0+ on Debian that had a workaround applied for desktop icons to appear. I am not sure how all the works re dependencies, etc, so maybe it was a temp band-aid or they were using some legacy files to do it.

I suspect you were using v3.26. It has only been recently upgraded on buster to 3.30 in the last few weeks. Desktop icons are no more in Debian due to that version.

Dang! That is cold. Thanks for the info.

With that said, Nemo does make for a better replacement.

Overall there will be slight visual adjustment so I think that Nemo could work.

The dropbox deb packages can be found here, and all other Mint deb packages in the parent directory.