Anyone tried to install Nemo and have it manage the desktop icons?

Anyone try this, issues? I h ave installed it on ubuntu 18.10 and it appears to handle everything OK.

Actually, I spun up budgie 18.10 vm and did install nemo and set it to manage the desktop icons. There was one issue, needed to reset org/nemo/desktop/ignored-desktop-handlers to ignore conky. Will kick it around to fine issues.

Does it functionally have any advantages to doing so over Nautilus?

Well considering that nautilus is loosing desktop icons - that will be a big one. Upstream has stayed back at a certain version to keep icons around a little longer, but that will go away.

We are investigating on how we plan to support Desktop Icons going forward when/if upstream drops it.

Just a little more info here:

Actually, I use thunar on my WB systems. However, I do not have it control the desktop icons, just as an optional file manager. I got to like thunar when I started using xubuntu. Its easy to add custom scripts to thunar; the two I use the most are Edit file as root and Open folder as root.

Well most probably a gnome extension will handle icons on desktop.

So why not an applet in Budgie for doing that ?

I was aware of Nautilus dropping desktop icons, but just thought most distros were holding Nautilus updates at a certain level to maintain that.

I think Gnome already has an extension for desktop icons now, does it not?

Addendum: I think using Nemo for that could be a bit problematic. Doesn’t it bring in a lot of Mint dependencies in its installation? And it doesn’t always play nicely outside of Mint (I was never able to get search working, for example).

We are still evaluating how we are going to do it. :grin:

Some distros will hold to a certain version, but that is a temporary measure.

In our case, upstream (Ubuntu) definately has a time frame, and will not support (via a version hold) indefinitely.

The gnome extension could be used for inspiration, but whatever we use, will have to be written for budgie.

Undecided at this point other than we are evaluating it all.

A while back, webupd8 had a version of nemo that was built w/o the Cinnamon desktop dependencies. I used it for several years. However, that code is no longer supported :frowning:

I have installed nemo on UB. It looks like it no longer requires the entire Cinnamon desktop. However, it still has some libraries – maybe just for translations??

Nemo brings in very little with it these days. I’m running it without problems. (Ubuntu 18.04 + Budgie)

I detest Nautilus.

Hi, I got it.

I am using Nemo from the last months.
Best regards

Normally, using Nemo to manage the desktop is pretty simple. However, the nemo.desktop will not start with budgie-showtime running. This can be fixed by installing dconf-editor and changing a parameter. I am not sure how to express it in the command line. Do you have dconf-editor installed?

Hi, I told on one comment in the Githib link how to config GNOME for that :wink:

Here :

Once nemo runs fine and handles desktop icons, just re-install the budgie showtime applet.