On aesthetics - Nemo

Here I am, happily running Nemo 4.0.6 on my 19.04 installation. So far so good. It works rather well even though I don’t see anything special that comes with it. I don’t even use the desktop as I don’t need it.

I don’t want to get too much into philosophy now, Wittgenstein’s Concepts for an Aesthetics are to be discussed somewhere else. Going straight to the point don’t you find Nemo aesthetically unpleasant? I mean ugly. Very ugly indeed.

It won’t change my life, I can live with it, but I think that Nautilus 3.32 UI is on a completely different level.

Good point, @sandrito , totally agree with you. I use Nautilus. More than serves my needs as a file manager and the looks are definitely way more pleasant. I am also into aesthetics and things generally have to look good for me to use them. Same with Budgie: the DE is a lot more appealing than XFCE or DEEPIN. Good and beautiful is better than good and ugly.

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For sure. That’s why I find Nemo out of context here. I know it is not so difficult to go back to Nautilus but I really hope Nemo won’t be default in future releases.

My two cents

nautilus 3.32 comes with tracker and all the memory overhead and disk scanning issues people have referred to in the past.

Nautilus does not support desktop icons.

A side effect of using nemo is that we can either use nemo-desktop to display desktop-icons or DesktopFolder which we are also considering in 19.10.

Nautilus breaks drag drop copy paste icon support onto the desktop.

Nemo comes with dual pane support and other features like type-ahead search which Nautilus doesn’t. Copying large files is better under Nemo.

Nautilus on the other-hand is styled like all other GNOME apps - so commonality for the desktop is there.

I agree Nemo 3.8.5 UI is a bit rough. 4.0.6 is better. There are also plans upstream to make the UI better.

So for the moment Nemo will continue to be the default.

At least it’s very easy to swap out Nemo for nautilus. Especially if you have no interest in desktop icons.

Tracker can be made “useless and harmless” by just disabling search in Settings.

You’re doing an excellent job here, I love this distro. I hope you’re gonna choose DesktopFolder for 19.10. Meantime I’ll stick to UB 'cause I just like it a lot. Well done.

PS memory overhead here is just about the same as it was with Nautilus in 18.10. I didn’t find any improvements with Nemo and No-Tracker. The real “memory sucker” IMHO is gnome-software. First thing I do after every Ubuntu installation is purging gnome-software (and dependecies) and installing Synaptic instead.