Recent files ⋅ Nemo vs. Nautilus


As you can see Nautilus ( right ) shows much more files regarding « recent ».

Nemo just shows files launched through …Nemo.

Nautilus uses tracker so much of files launched through gnome app’s may end up in « recent » in Nautilus.

Any way to make Nemo « tracker » aware ?

( or make Nautilus default file explorer in a specific user’s session ? Not system wide )nope, strange behavior with desktop.

Basically no. Nautilus has been converted to use tracker.

Nemo was forked a long time before nautilus changed to using tracker


As time goes, I use more UBudgie 20.04 than Unity 16.04 ( at home not at work ). At first I couldn’t see big differences between Nemo and Nautilus.

But you may have seen few posts about my « troubles » with Nemo.

Nemo have some features I really like :
⋅ zoom level is kept by folder ( it’s global in Nautilus )
⋅ much options are at sight ( where Nautilus shows less while being able the same, mostly )

So finally I might try to set Nautilus as default file explorer to experiment.
Any advices before I ruin everything, lol ?

That’s what is so wonderful with ubuntu. It’s your choice and you aren’t limited by choices made by the overall distro.

There isn’t any real reason why you shouldn’t use another file manager.

The only exception is if you are a desktop icons user. If you are then you will need to have both nemo and nautilus installed at the same time … unless you release Nemo with something like desktop folder.

Even with Nemo installed, Nautilus is unable to interact with the desktop « view » : no drag and drop, no-copy/cut-paste…

I’m afraid it might be the same with desktop-folder. I had tried it in the past but honestly I can’t remind.

Nautilus has no concept of desktop icons anymore. The GNOME devs stripped all of that code. Hence why on gnome shell the desktop icons extension is so horribly hobbled and broken. Thus drag and drop workflow is broken when using nautilus.

I know… Dev’s and their contempt for non-IT users ( half joking here ).

I just can’t understand why d’n’d is broken :
⋅ it will work between many windows of Nautilus, including one on desktop folder,
⋅ it will work between many windows of Nemo and Nautilus, including ones on desktop folder,
⋅ it stops working from the desktop view ( handled therefore by Nemo ) to any windows of Nautilus.

…there’s certainly a logic behind but I can’t figure it.

Ok… I don’t know if I’ll try to set Nautilus as default. Not right now at least. I’ll keep informed - as you already know :wink:

Oh and what about budgie-applets then, do they expect Nemo or do they call any file manager ?

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In terms of applets. If they have been written correctly they should just be using xdg-open to open a file … which will open the default app associated with the file … which includes opening the default file manager.

Found this session freeze issue … might be the same observation

Yes, don’t! :-p

I did the opposite. I finally got rid of nautilus:

  • I can’t easily go back one level in nautilus (if I have the path field into edit mode) wheras in nemo I can add an icon to do just that
  • No Dual Pane (snapping two windows is not as efficient for many reasons)
  • No zoom level below 50% (I use 33% with nemo, and I wish there was even more granularity in between (40-45 would be perfect)
  • I love that “progress bar” under the drive as I instantly know how filled it is
  • No compact view (it can come in handy sometimes)
  • no “Open as root”, I’m really tired of having to use the terminal manually or having to launch the terminal to sudo nautilus (at least before with synapse or ulauncher I could use gksu nautilus, but gksu is dead)

The only downside for me is that I find nautilus better looking and fitting in the DE (either Gnome or Budgie). But I guess this is arguable.