How to set default file browser to Nautilus?

Trying to set the default file browser back to Nautilus as Nemo is pretty terrible and missing some required features.

I have Nautilus installed, how do I set it to the default and kill Nemo?

xdg-mime default nautilus.desktop inode/directory application/x-gnome-saved-search

Found it!

For me I just uninstall nemo and install nautilus.

Yes, the styling of Nemo IS terrible. A little bit of artwork could do much good.

… contributions are always welcome …!

This is my styling of Nemo … don’t know if you find this pleasant … I have restyled the sidebar.

if that could be done under pocillo would be most grateful

I will put my hands to it … :slight_smile:

At least when it comes to the Gtk3 theme, I know where to start. But I had difficulties to find my way around the Gtk2 styling.

Will would this still be helpful?

absolutely - I would be a little surprised if any part of Nemo uses any GTK+2 stuff

GTK+3 styling changes would be great!


Cool, I will make the changes and send you the file.

It’s a pleasure to be of help.

@fossfreedom, hi David, I have been playing around with the Pocillo themes file and could make a couple of adaptations, so that Nemo looks more like Nautilus.

Line 1.207:

.ssd decoration {
      box-shadow: 0 3px 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.16);
      padding-top: 14px; 
      padding-bottom: 14px; 
      /* added padding top and bottom */

This increases the height of the title in Nemo and Gtk-2 applications, so they match height of the title bar in Nautilus.

Line 6.676:

.nemo-window scrolledwindow.frame .view:not(:selected) {
        background-color: transparent;
        padding-top: 4px;
        padding-bottom: 4px;
        /* added top and bottom padding */

This increase the height of the buttons in Nemo’s sidebar. The buttons now match the height of the buttons in Nautilus’ sidebar.

Does this help?

Would love any styling updates to it. My biggest problem was not being able to right click and network share folders like you easily can in Nautilus. Also, almost zero visual indication that you’re renaming an item.

Install nemo-share from backports - budgie-welcome - recommendations.

That’s a theme issue.