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19.04 Daily Download


I see that Nautilus has been updated to the version that does not support desktop icons. So, what is your current thinking regarding this – still leaning toward desktopfolder?


you mean 19.04!

Currently the 19.04 UB images do not have a GUI file-manager.

We have decided to drop Nautilus due to its tracker requirements.

We’ll be going with Nemo for the file-manager but restyled to more match what nautilus currently looks like.

In terms of desktop-icons we should in theory have a choice between nemo-desktop or desktopfolder. At the moment desktopfolder is stuck in Debian new queue and thus hasnt yet been migrated to Ubuntu - cross fingers it does get included in the next 3 weeks.

When February hits we’ll make our final choice - it comes down to capability & stability between the two. There still needs to be more changes to desktopfolder in the area of accounting for vertical panels + drag and drop issues. If these are not resolved we’ll bump desktopfolder to 19.10 and go with nemo-desktop for 19.04.

Help test the "Active Desktop" for 19.04

We’ll be going with Nemo for the file-manager

Wow, big change in direction. IMHO, Nimo a good choice – while I have been using desktopfolder it’s not as smooth and at times clunkey :slight_smile:


What is the problem with tracker requirement ?
Wouldn’t be just easier to disable it if it’s useless in budgie ?


No - you cannot disable tracker. It is built in and Ubuntu itself will no longer patch out tracker - they did so in 18.04 but will no longer carry that patch.

Tracker is a known memory hog - it often makes your HDD go mental when indexing and reindexing … and memory usage is pretty high.

Taken together with Nautilus no longer offering desktop-icons which most budgie users require out of the box, Nautilus is no longer really up-to-the-job for budgie users.

Obviously if you want to keep running Nautilus it will still be there for anyone upgrading from 18.10 to 19.04. For new 19.04 users it is just one package install away.