Love the Ubuntu Budgie Team

Dear Ubuntu Budgie team,

I wish to thank you for your great work. I have been using and advocating for Ubuntu Budgie for quite a while now. As I frequently test other Distros and/or DEs, I really do appreciate the attention of Ubuntu Budgie team to a great desktop with very good defaults, nice customization options, all the plugins, themes are bundled with the distro version therefore compatibility is really good. All the other excellent goodies such as wallstreet, shuffler, previews control, and more. This is really a super productivity focused user experience and desktop environment.

I would pay to use it. And you know what? actually, I just decided to prove it, and joined on Patreon. Will support you guys and your vision for an awesome desktop and user experience, even if the whole team was to move to another Ubuntu flavor or distribution. Please keep going because you are making a difference. Thanks again, happy holidays!



Many thanks Mauro for your kind words and support!

Development never stops … so to see our early efforts monitor this thread Testing 21.04 - are you brave enough?

Also we are working through the intracasies of bringing Ubuntu Budgie to the raspberry pi 4 so look out for news on that.

Titbits of news also made via Twitter so do subscribe to @UbuntuBudgie.

More that the twitter limit we post via our website blog.

So lots of ways to find out how ubuntu budgie is progressing for all supporters like your kind self.

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