Budgie 11 - Update or Required Fresh Install?

I’ve been reading that Budgie will be in development for v11. When it is released, and since it’s going to be GTK & QT based, do the UB Developers think this mean that a fresh install will be required? Or, do you think this will simply be added as an update/upgrade? Just curious. I really like what I’m using now (and I understand development is still a ways off), and restoring from backup isn’t that big of a deal. However, adding all the apps again; time consuming. Not a deal breaker. Just time consuming.

It’s way too early to tell. :slight_smile:

I wondered about that. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I thought it was all going to be based off qt? So it’s going to be like a hybrid of gtk and qt?

That is budgie desktop version 11. But that is determined by Upstream within the budgie desktop organization. However Upstream is looking at what the current technical ecosystem looks like. So we don’t know what v11 will look like yet.

One other bit of clarification. Originally the plan was for it to be off of QT. That has not necessarily changed. However version 11 has not really kicked off full-time development yet, so upstream is just evaluating the direction one more time before digging in. A lot may have changed within the year of that an original announcement.