Does this development break most of UB's applets?

This upstream update was something of a spicy bummer to see. Doesn’t this long-term break all of UB’s super-useful applets since they’re in Python? (basically the only thing allowing me to use Budgie?) Again, thanks for all the great UB work. Was just showing it off to jealous co-workers today…

For 18.04 - no. The desktop will receive patches and stability fixes but these will not break anything that is running currently.

Given the current state of development of budgie desktop v11, 18.10 - and possibly 19.04 will then just see 10.4.1 or what ever patch to the 10.4 series is available. Again - this will not break any existing applets.

For budge desktop v11 we just don’t know because there isnt anything concrete here to work on. We don’t know what toolset is being used because it is being re-evaluated. So we cannot begin to update anything until this becomes more clearer.

Equally, we don’t really know what capabilities will be in a future budgie desktop v11.x. I would hesitate a guess that some of the current applets may be supplanted with equivalent or better budgie desktop v11 capabilities such as windows previews and better workspace management.

Thus there is a whole host of unknowns at the immediate point in time - things will obviously become more clearer in time but I’m hoping for great things with v11 as I’m sure you are (and the community) is as well.

But this ?

…rather too soon to affirm but that might break some applets as we know them today ( pixelsaver, globalmenu… )

not really sure - I dont know if the dev is saying GTK+4 based apps can’t use the pixelsaver capability … or if he is saying that a GTK+4 based environment cannot have a pixel saver type applet.

If he is saying the former - this basically means any environment - Unity, Budgie etc will have GTK+4 apps behaving differently from GTK+3/2 apps. If he is saying the latter … then there is no issue until/if budgie is ported to GTK+4