Budgie 11 will not support Python applets

it won’t according to @JoshStrobl
so shouldn’t we move everything to vala/c?

See last post at https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop/issues/718

Who knows. signals have been somewhat contradictory. undersigned is writing new stuff mostly in Vala, especially when performance possibly is an issue.

It means upstream will not support python based applets in the code base.

That doesn’t matter for third parties. Third parties can produce bindings on any available public api. Just upstream will not support such enterprises which is fair enough.

Ah alright, I thought that Python applets will be dropped upstream and therefore will not be usable for UB (around 20.10-21.04, Budgie 11 release?)

Timescales are unknown. As far as I can gather nothing has been started/ no development has been publicly announced.

So my focus is to look at current pain points and see if there are any quick wins to resolve.

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Hmm. i find it strange that there are so many plans for budgie 11, yet work on it hasn’t been started… Why do they hope for 2020 in that case?
Not UB’s fault of course, just wondering