Autoremove command

i tested few programs and i tried to clean up my OS and used sudo apt-get autoremove to do so…
It uninstalled a bunch of things… including openvpn which is what i use… shxt… so far the system is running ok without noticeably difference, just openvpn no longer working in network… i have to reinstall it with command…

may I ask if there will be any serious will happen because of this autoremove command?
any advise is appreciated, thanks!

Some PPA software can cause problems with autoremove because of shared dependencies with official software. The command generally just removes left-overs from uninstalled software.

Thanks for your reply.

For safety, I re-installed budgie again… will never use autoremove again…the uninstalled list was LONG…

Weird. As Frogshair mentioned, apt autoremove aims to remove leftovers and obsolete / unused packages.

It may be a sign some of the ppa’s you use are not « safe » for your system : some ppa bring way too much « new » packages ( beside the one you were looking for )

cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*

In case you need to get back to a regular situation, use command ppa-purge which first puts packages back to their « repository state » and then deletes ppa.

I performed autoremove shortly after I did a clean install of budgie on my laptop but the list of things autoremove removed include things like openvpn( it comes with budgie), phython 3… bunch of stuffs… about 30-40 of them…

For my understanding, autoremove removes packages which have no dependencies.

Maybe : if openvpn is to be seen as a core component of budgie desktop, then it should be « marked » as a dependecy of some « mandatory » package for budgie desktop ?

I have no idea… some sites teach people using this to clean up the system but after I spent more time searching what people said in forums, some people don’t recommend using it at all…

I do avoid using the autoremove command on development releases or if the proposed repository is enabled . I don’t enable this repository even during the development cycle anymore.