Beginning our 19.04 journey - are you interested in helping out?

We are embarking on our 19.04 journey. Here are some initial high level thoughts on development areas that every budgie developer / budding dev should be interested in (hopefully)

  1. A key part of this is looking at upstream budgie-desktop and seeing if there are issues that can be resolved by the Ubuntu Budgie community. This will help the whole budgie eco-system.

  2. The budgie community developing a desktop icon solution is going to be absolutely key - we will lose the backstop of Nautilus 3.26 with a brand new nautilus in 19.04 timescales - this will not come with desktop icon support.

  3. We are also interested in anyone who can help out with the android/budgie development work

  4. Then there is blue sky stuff if you are interested in development - new applets

  5. Also interested in ideas from the community - most importantly finding those key people who want to run with a solution.

Hope this helps - and if anything grabs your attention please shout!

David (project lead)

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Hey David,

I want to help out :slight_smile:



excellent! Lets try and match you up with some-thing. What skills & languages do you have and to what level e.g. “GTK+3 python/ Vala/ C/C++ at ‘I’ve dabbled / very comfortable / I’m the guru here’” - what sort of stuff interests you?

I have skills in Python (very comfortable), Java (I’ve dabbled) and a bit C (I’ve dabbled); I have to learn GTK+3 and Vala because right now I don’t have any skills on it.

I hope it is now a bit clearer :slight_smile: ?

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