Planning for 23.04


Planning for 23.04 has begun. Early days. Some initial thoughts from the team are below.

If you have any thoughts please do follow up. Expressions of help in any areas - or additional areas would be welcome.


  1. libfuse3 vus libfuse2 - appimages are working through the issues for supporting libfuse3 that is the default for ubuntu. UB includes libfuse2 in our seeds. We could potentially remove this need for 23.04
    Simplify build process and add runtime-fuse3 build by lalten · Pull Request #3 · AppImage/type2-runtime · GitHub and
  2. Continue to evaluate feedback for the 22.10 default apps - rework if necessary depending on the feedback
  3. We will be able to drop the indicator-* applets if the new installer comes to fruition
  4. We should look at the ayatana-indicators to see if they have been updated - last updates were from February - new packages will have budgie specific fixes we need


  1. package budgie-desktop v10.7 - we ship a git master “plus” build for 22.10. Upstream are planning for a 10.7 release before xmas
  2. budgie-wallpaper selection for 23.04 find/evaluate/upload
  3. Font defaults - Nikola mentioned fonts-inter. Also IBMs flex font which I don’t think is packaged
    Issues · rsms/inter · GitHub ← need to look at these and evaluate
  4. mutter-12 support. Expect GNOME 44 with mutter-12 to be in 23.04 so we need to make sure budgie works against this baseline
  5. Possibly contribute to the Yaru GTK Theme project with budgie specific styling so that Yaru becomes a viable theme in the future - especially dealing with the libadwaita styled apps.
  6. Include ubuntu budgie specific shortcuts in budgie-desktop-settings to bring budgie-welcome makeovers and layouts accessible from budgie-desktop-settings
  7. Look to adding fingerprint logon support via BCC - DONE

future budgie

  1. buddiesofbudgie plans - initial thinking published on upstream blog; expect activity to increase this cycle.
    Should make plans to look at the Rust language as well as C++
    Getting Started to Rust Programming on Ubuntu


  1. Lots of issues - Issues · UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras · GitHub → needs cleanup
  2. option for automatic grid-size & position recognition for windows on shuffler furthermore for layouts and rules.
  3. Refresh (pull and merge ) the application-menu applet from upstream elementary
  4. Look to add support for budgie-desktop-settings/budgie-control-center as clickable icons in the applications-menu

new installer

  1. Well… will the new flutter based installer make it into 23.04? We will need to support the move to that together with creating pictures and other assets.
    The how - don’t know - ubuntu mate has been the focus to make the installer work for more than base ubuntu.

raspi planning

  1. Sam - lots of nice stuff currently in the aptdaemon branch
    Need to merge and release - DONE
  2. Enhancements around findmypi to cope with multiple subnets as well


  1. Plan to use Sams python apt installer which will give user feedback for installation
  2. Rework the snap to deliver the exact python modules needed to run rather than depending on the python installed on the default AppImage
  3. upload Sam’s package for his Digital Ocean applet and update welcome to install this (pictures/words etc)
  4. Include a new makeover based on GitHub - vinceliuice/Fluent-gtk-theme: Fluent design gtk theme for linux desktops. Need to decide on what should be included in the makeover i.e. cursor, fonts, icons etc
  5. Include Nikola’s revised front-page design
  6. Nikola would like colloid gtk theme - so lets look more closely at this GitHub - vinceliuice/Colloid-gtk-theme: Colloid gtk theme for linux

end of support 20.04

  1. Need a blog entry for end-of-support and a how to upgrade - lift material from 22.04 release notes

release notes 23.04

  1. Need to create release notes
  2. Need banner artwork


  1. qgnome-platform may enter the 23.04 cycle - we should look at this to see if it makes QT based apps more integral to our distro
  2. merge the latest upstream tela-icons/qogir icons into our budgie-artwork package
  3. Update whitesur gtk and icon themes from upstream - examine if can backport to 20.04/22.04
  4. Update QogirBudgie from upstream together with the snap plus update our budgie-artwork package
  5. Look closely at “drawing” and the various reported for this package. We need to see what is fixable for 22.04 & 22.10.
  6. Update drawing package from the latest available upstream before feature freeze in February
  7. Replace GNOME Software with Ubuntu Software Default applications review for 22.10 / 23.04 and beyond - #64 by fossfreedom