Proposal - 23.04 Changing the default Font

One of the proposals (Planning for 23.04) we have is to change the default font from the Noto font family to “fonts-inter”.

This is available from the repositories - sudo apt install fonts-inter

This proposal will change the font shown in budgie-desktop settings, the default font for the weather applet - and possibly the desktop date & time budgie applet called showtime


I’m interested in your thoughts here - especially any issues you may find around your language/locale

So please do give feedback - change from Noto based fonts to the Inter font via the applets/budgie-desktop-settings - show some screenshots of your changes - font sizes etc with your thoughts.


I’ve installed them into my jammy and it seems surely better than that ugly Roboto that (I suppose, because I didn’t set it up) comes with WhiteSur.
ASAP I’ll send you s desktop screenshot (I need to create a brand new user because my own desktop is really a mess and is faster to create a new user than to put some order in my desktop :wink:



Noto ( for no-tofu, something like no-mess ) is widely used because of its ability to cover almost all languages.

I’d say the problem with fonts is elsewhere : Excessive fonts installed by default - Desktop - Ubuntu Community Hub

So a better idea ( if possible ) would be creating an easy tool that « hides » installed fonts according to user’s needs. Such a tool should ask user its favorite languages and its favorite geographical areas and then hide ( system, default, installed ) fonts accordingly.

A kind of font-manager but with a filtering based on user’s answers about languages and areas.

Regarding font Inter no condensed family which I tend to use more often those days ( my aging eyes maybe ? Surely… ) but a feature rich font for sure Inter font family

UBudgie 22.10 :

UBudgie 22.04 :

IBM plex family fonts
…has a kind of old school, technical vibe.

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