23.04 : condensed, bold and black fonts can't be used for interface and title bar


I first noticed that issue in regular gnomish Ubuntu 23.04 but unfortunately it appears the same in Budgie 23.04.

In Budgie Desktop Settings, try to set Ubuntu Condensed font for title, interface and so on.
It won’t be applied - you’ll end with a regular Ubuntu font, not the condensed one.

There may have some app’s where it’s applied ( gimp maybe because it’s older gtk ? )

Here ↑ I have added budgie-desktop as affected but maybe it’s not the best way to do ?

As far as the interface font, I can’t comment on that because I am not familiar enough with what is going on there.

The same fix mentioned in the pixel saver issue also appears to fix the title bar font at least. Testing it, I can now set the title bar to the condensed/bold/etc, whereas i cannot on the default 23.04 Budgie install.

Am not an expert but I suspected something related to variable fonts.

On 22.04 ( and 22.10 ) each Ubuntu font « is » its single file whereas on 23.04, each font variant is a symlink to one of the family - variable - font :

22.10 on left | 23.04 on right

But the fix you mention about pixel saver is related to mutter ( and its successor ).
It’s interesting !

But then why Gimp is spared by this issue ?

…some phased updates for mutter are a-coming, keep fingers crossed…

This phased update is a minor technical thing. The more interesting one is v44.1 the first point release that is awaiting the SRU process.

Not so minor : it fixes « black screen » in Firefox under Wayland - which Budgie does not suffer since it’s only Xorg here.