Font Display Bug

Hello, this is my first time posting so please be gentle :slight_smile:

I’m running a dual boot 20.04 Budgie and Windows 10 setup. I was recently on 17.04 and did a step by step upgrade to 18, 19, etc. Afterwards I updated my Nvidia driver to the latest (1070 ti) to resolve the shutdown splash screen hanging. I also updated several repository packages (though I’m not sure how to get a print out of that history), and shortly after noticed the system font displaying in what looks like binary blocks. I have terminal access and normal print out there, but most of the system is unusable because of this display issue (see pic).

I looked around online to find related issues, but I wasn’t able to find anything to help resolve it. I know this following issue is an unrelated source (brackets), but I thought perhaps the issue might be related to language / font packages, so I looked into the most up to date versions of libpango and libfreetype6, and I also tried locking these to other suggested versions with no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Maybe this?

Thanks for the suggestion!

I gave it a go but it did not resolve the issue unfortunately :frowning:

Could be an issue with the system font setting - i.e. is there a way to reset the system font to default from the terminal?

first check if this is a system issue or just an account issue. Create another account and login - do you see the same issue?

If everything is OK with the second account suggest rename ~/.config in your original account to something else - logout and login.

Sorry for the delayed response.

So the good news is that it seems to be related to the local user configuration (nice suggestion). The bad news is that I seem to have a bunch of broken Apt packages and terminal configuration issues.

At this point it seems like a fresh install might be easier. I’m also wondering if a third-party font download might have corrupted the system font display.

Would you have any advice on the most efficient way to proceed, or an easy way to fresh install from the current installation rather than a boot install? Thanks again!