Fonts in Ubuntu Budgie don't render properly

When I made a fresh install for Ubuntu Budgie, the font looked quite bad, the curves were edgy and the lines looked sort of broken.

This happens with every Ubuntu distro I remember having installed.

A turnaround I found was installing the fontconfig-infinality package. Now my fonts look great, the curves and lines are smooth, and look really neat on my new laptop.

Wouldn’t it be advisable for Budgie to come with the package preinstalled? Or did I miss anything?

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Odd. The antialiasing options in budgie-desktop-settings fonts are used to ensure fonts look great. So strange that they are not working for you

I have never heard of that package so will definitely have a closer look. Thx

Interesting discussion here especially the bit about changes that will come with 20.04

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This is a cool article. I didn’t have an idea of how diverse the discussion on the topic is.

I don’t know if I am more demanding than others when it comes to looks (probably not), but I found the fontconfig-infinality package already a couple of years ago and I use it ever since.

And I am always glad to be of help. :slight_smile: