Default fonts deferring

Hi all,

When I try to change my default font from my raven settings panel, they revert to the previous within a minute or so, or as soon as I open another window/programme.

Is it because the fonts I choose are incompatible with the theme?

My widgets are materia-compact, my icons are pocillo. I want to change to roboto font(which I have installed). After I have changed the fonts, they immediately default back to the pre-installed ones!

Any help/suggestions would be most welcome.

King Regards

hmm - does this occur with a new account? Wondering if this is a system wide issue or specific to your current user account.

Hi Foss,

Thank you for the reply.

Since I last posted, I have downloaded and installed the ‘Ant’ theme.

I changed my fonts back to Roboto, and they have remained that way for a whole 24 hours!

Maybe it is theme related(ie you can only use certain fonts on some themes).