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I have seen an issue regarding Bluetooth. I can connect my Bluetooth to my laptop on Budgie, but I have to toggle between my built in speakers then my bluetooth device on the dropdown menu before the audio goes to my Bluetooth device. I am using a Thinkpad E595 w/ Bluetooth 5.0 as well as the 1More Stylish true wireless earbuds. If you need additional information, let me know.

Sorry, I dont really understand. If you connect a new device it seems logical to use that device by selecting it.

That may seem logical to select… but with many devices ( phones, tablets, tv… ) sound is immediately played to the newly connected BT earbuds/speaker. Maybe that’s the behavior expected by @JJ4884 ?

That would annoy me personally.

I dont know if bluez has the ability to auto connect.

Quick Google found this: … sounds promising.

ONLY for TRUSTED devices.
999 of 1000 people use 0000 as there PIN. You would automatically pick up ANY nearby device if it would allow to connect to untrusted devices.

And that will also probably be his problem: device needs to be set to “trusted”.

hcitool scan

can be used to find the MAC and…

bluetoothctl trust {MAC-address} 

to trust it.

Why do I always get distracted by work. Typed this before fossy answered :smiley:

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