Calendar 3.28.1 notification / Pop up alert

I am sometime not sure where to ask questions :wink: Gnome, Ubuntu, Budgie forums etc

I don’t have alert ( notification) when setting up appointment in my Calendar

I would like to get a pop up window or at least a notication ( system tray) to notify me of appts for which I choosed to receive an alarm/notification

I checked the Reminder when scheduling something…

The notifications are provided by evolution-alarm-notify which is part of evolution, not evolution-data-server. So you need to have evolution installed for them to work. However there are some plans to move this functionality to gnome-shell: gnome-shell#155. I think this issue can be marked as a duplicate of the gnome-shell issue. Installing evolution should work around the issue in the meantime.

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congrats for digging that out.

Curious to see the move to gnome-shell - not very clear how that will impact non-gnome shell based desktops

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