Can I use Budgie with Deepin wechat and qq messenger/media


Thanks by the way forthe briedf replies on my last topic.
I am back on Windows because I was not able to use Wechat and QQ in the different Ubuntu-distros .
I also used Deepin where the software is more or less avalable, but there I had another problem with the sound (senheiser headset.
Please help me to find the right way.
Was reading already about this topics in oher articles, so not the only one in this matter.

Regards, and thanks on forehand to think with me.

Hans Minekus


For QQ and WeChat, there are 2 ways you can get those:

  1. You can Install Codeweavers Crossover. Crossover has 1-click install for both QQ and WeChat windows versions. You can see attached pictures. Crossover is paid, but it has lifetime license, and license for beta testers. Plus part of the profits go to support the Wine project. Codeweavers also develop Proton, which is what makes our Windows games run so well in Steam. If you do not want to pay for Crossover, you can do the same with Wine, PlayOnLinux, or Bottles. It might require more fiddling.
  2. You can install Ubuntu Kylin, and there will be multiple options there to install QQ and WeChat.

Regarding headphones, I do not see why they would not work. Probably need to check your sound settings and make sure output switches to headset when you plug them in. You can try on a liveUSB. 22.10 switches to Pipewire audio, you can also try a liveUSB of 22.10.

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