Cannot install budgie themes 20.10

When I try to install some of the available themes, this error appears “Failed installation of example-theme”.

I’m new at this, this is the first time I use Linux in my entire life, so it doesn’t help that much. I had already read some other discussions, run som, but nothing works out for me. I can use some of the native themes like Arc or Pocillo but I can’t download the others.


Let’s have a quick look if there is anything wrong with your updates.

Open tilix by pressing ctrl + alt + T

Copy paste the following

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

You will see a bunch of stuff whizz passed. Please copy paste all the stuff you see here.

If you dont see any warnings or errors try again to install a theme

Hey there! This is what the terminal shows:

Hope it helps.

Your mirror to brazil doesn’t seem to be working very well. I would suggest you should try another mirror

That’s it! Problem solved! I’ve changed another mirror, copied the command and it worked. Thanks!