Can't see other partitions, 19.10 on multi boot


just installed UBudgie 19.10 on an empty partition on an ssd, besides a working 16.04 Ubuntu.

That pc also has a HDD labeled Data which serves as /home for 16.04.

I just did a simple all in / installation for 19.10 ( no separate /home partition )

Once in 19.10 I’m surprised I can’t see in file explorer the other partitions, I was expecting to find
⋅ Data
⋅ / from 16.04
appearing somewhere in devices or other places, not mounted, only listed.

Is this expected behavior now with Nemo ?

Only way to eventually reach those partitions is either to manually mount them or to add them into fstab ?

I also noticed if I plug removable-usb-media, it appears nowhere in Nemo. I enabled DropBy applet but it does not show either…

Ok, forget that, everything works at next reboot…