Caps lock won't detect continuous press?

Currently if you change the caps lock key into a backspace by switching to the Colemak keyboard layout, you can’t click and hold on it to continuously delete.

Any ideas? Tried 10+ different keyboards, seems to be software related.

@fossfreedom not sure if you’d have any idea. It seems this is related to this issue:

I’ve tried editing this file: ~/myxkbmap based on the second answer, but not sure what exactly to change it to due to Colemak. My current block looks like the following:

key <CAPS> {
    type= "FOUR_LEVEL",
    symbols[Group1]= [       BackSpace,       BackSpace,       BackSpace,       BackSpace ]

I want it to not “lock” I guess so that I can hold it down to continuously delete. If you have any idea that would be amazing lol.

Fixed it by making it’s contents match the key section. Woo can now hold my new backspace.

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