Change from Xorg to Wayland on 18.04?

I am using a small laptop (GPD Pocket 7") and would like to go back to Wayland instead of Xorg.
Scaling factor has to be an integer on Xorg and so on this small screen things are either way to small at 1x or WAY to big at 2x. On 17.10 I used scaling of 1.4x to get a good compromise.

Checking around on google, I found alot of material on dumping Wayland and reverting to Xorg for Ubuntu, but nothing for going the other way. An other suggestion I found was to use ‘xrandr’ to scale things back, but this just locked up my laptop.

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Ubuntu Budgie with budgie-desktop v10.4 can never work with wayland. That is a future goal with budgie-desktop 11.

Are you sure you are using Ubuntu Budgie with the budgie-desktop?

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I am now with 18.04 Before I was using plain Ubuntu 17.10 I guess I will be waiting on budgie-desktop 11 then. Might have to get involved with testing.

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Sorry to hijack the thread a little, but after installing teamviewer 13, it says it cannot run because the OS is using wayland. How come is this happening, since you’re saying it is not using wayland?

To bypass this teamviewer restriction, I saw on many forums that people can choose Xorg instead of wayland by selecting the gear icon at the login on ubuntu. I have not seen anything like this in Budgie.

Is there a workaround/solution?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(PS: sorry for my english, I speak french. Also, I’m kind of tech savvy but fairly new to linux, so maybe I’m missing some basic concepts)

Not a clue why team viewer thinks that. It is definitely a bug with team viewer and an issue should be raised with them where ever their issue tracker is.

Alright, thanks a lot! I’ll look into that


This looks to be your issue:

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Exactly, and I’m on a 32bits system too (old pc)

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll follow the thread

Turning back a little to the original topic, what is the suggested way to achieve custom scale 150% on Budgie ? I decided to use Budgie daily for work and personal use, and do not want to use something else, because of known limitations woth
Is xrandr the primary option suggested my Budgie Masters also ? :smiley:
Thank you in advance

Scaling is an experimental option in 19.04.

It is being refined for 19.10 but there are aspects of budgie that need a bit of help with to find a d resolve.

Thank you for your quick response. I read that article you shared. Unfortunately my laptop is a Tuxedo machine, whereas no more support will be provided by Tuxedo, when upgrading from 18.04 LTS to 19.nn. I like Budgie and know limitation is coming from. deeper. I think I have no choice and do upgrade, or use fractional scaling otherwise very hard to work with scale 100% or 200% on my laptop. Thanks for the clatification and confirmation.
Thank you, Attila

David Mohammed via Ubuntu Budgie ezt írta (időpont: 2019. aug. 5., H 23:13):

I would like to know if Wayland is available for Budgie in 19.04 release? I’m having a lot of video tearing, and rather than having to go in and futz with X, I’d rather just move to Wayland.

No. There are no plans to support wayland.

Is that still the answer? Can you elaborate about the main obstacles? Isn’t it strategically a must, at least after some time?

My understanding is that the Solus-Project who are the maintainers of budgie-desktop have stated that there are no plans to support Wayland. I’ve seen that statement in the last few month from them.

I have no more information as to why that is their position.